Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
93498 Carnes (Kearnes) Bridget Brothers 1827 1831 25 March Newcastle NGE
Native of Naas; R/C; servant; Sentenced to 3mths 3rd Class Female factory at Parramatta. Forwarded from Newcastle to Sydney 25 March

87439 Carney Bridget - 1852 7 January Between Osterley and Raymond Terrace MM
Lately noted for peculiarities of dress and manner. Jumped overboard from the Rose steamer

87478 Carney Bridget - 1852 10 January - MM
Inquest found that she threw herself overboard from the Rose steamer while labouring under temporary insanity. Stewardess on the Rose for the previous 2 yrs

163658 Flynn (Carney) Bridget Forth (came free) 12 July 1842 East Maitland Application to Marry
James Whelan age 42 arrived per 'Mangles' application to marry Bridget Flynn aged 30 arrived per 'Forth'. Granted