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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
23611 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1834 Maitland Colonial Secretary Returns of the Colony
Police Magistrate

32636 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1836 19 March - SG
Police Magistrate at Maitland. Witness in Court case of Wighton v Howe

41673 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1836 26 November Maitland SG
Meeting held tothank Campbell for his services as Police Magistrate

50976 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1849 31 January London MM
Died at his residence 62 Chester Square, London on 4th October 1848

58515 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1835 14 July Maitland SG
(Scots Fuzileers) Wife gave birth to a daughter at Governmnet cottage on 8th July 1835

65191 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1834 12 September - Australian
Of Royal Scotch Fusileers. Married Barbara Isabella, youngest daughter of Alexander McLeay on 13 August

65258 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1835 13 July Maitland Australian
Scots Fusiliers. Wife gave birth to a daughter at Government Cottage

65444 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1836 30 September - Australian
Letter by Maitland inhabitants thanking Campbell on his departure from the district

88416 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1841 8 May - FP
Leaving the colony for the benefit of his health . Requesting claims against him be presented

100239 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - - - Wood., W. Allan., 'Dawn in the Valley', the Story of Settlement in the Hunter River Valley., Wentworth books, Sydney, 1972
p. 296

100940 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1836 29 September Parramatta SG
Appointed Police Magistrate

109796 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1837 Maitland GRC
Thomas Edwards, per 'Roslin Castle' assigned servant

117422 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1839 20 February Parramatta GG 1839
Taking Leave of Absence from his duties as Police Magistrate of Parramatta and to act as Colonial Treasurer during Campbell Drummond Ridley's absence

118447 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1837 Parramatta GRC
Phoebe Dunsmore per 'Sarah & Elizabeth' assigned servant

121604 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 1841 22 October - GG
Action in the Supreme Court of NSW commenced by William Samuel against Pieter Laurentz Campbell to recover 131 pounds for goods sold and delivered by Samuel to Campbell who was no longer resident in the colony

175314 Campbell Pieter Laurentz - 11 October 1836 Newcastle SR NSW Archive Reel: 1583; Series: 12992; Description: Registers of Memorials for Land 1825-1842
Memorial for conveyance of land - Thomas Henry Baylis Esq., Lieutenant in His Majestys 17th foot now stationed in the colony of NSW and Julia Dorothea his wife to Pieter Laurentz Campbell of Maitland - Allotment No. 125 in the township of Newcastle

40864 Campbell Pieter Laurentz (Lieutenant) - 1836 4 October Government Cottage, Maitland SG
Presented with silver tea & coffee set as token of respect for his services as Police Magistrate. Transferring to Parramatta

118450 Campbell Pieter Laurentz (Lieutenant) - 1837 23 November Parramatta SG
The Governor, Judge Burton, Major Barney and Lieutenant Campbell visiting the Female Factory at Parramatta and expressed themselves highly pleased at the cleanliness, order and regularity therein

118455 Campbell Pieter Laurentz (Lieutenant) - 1833 19 September St. Johns Church Parramatta SG
Attended the wedding ceremony of Edward Deas Thomson and Anna Maria Bourke(daughter of the Governor)

118456 Campbell Pieter Laurentz (Lieutenant) - 1838 6 January - SG
Correspondence.' Lieutenant Campbell especially sent to Maitland as Police Magistrate to quell the spirit of insubordination raging there and restored the district to a state of perfect tranquility'

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