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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
158690 Callaghan Mary - 1835 21 December Glendon Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
Marriage of Michael Donnelly to Mary Callaghan

158691 Callaghan Mary - 1835 Maitland Application to Marry
Michael Donnelly per 'Asia' application to marry Mary Callaghan (came free)

7831 Callaghan Mary Ann - 1843 13 May West Maitland MM
Took public examination at Catholic School

76595 Callaghan Mary Ann - 1835 23 May Maitland Application to marry
Free. Application to marry Michael Donnolly. Allowed

93250 Cannon (Callaghan) Mary Sovereign 1829 1831 14 March Newcastle NGE
Native of London; Arrived Newcastle gaol 14 March. Sentenced to 3 yrs in a penal settlement for mutinous and outrageous conduct in the female factory. Conditionally assigned to Mrs. Jane Handige of Newcastle by order of G. Brooks