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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
30268 Burnett Alexander - 1839 Maitland Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary
Foreman of Works for Dept. Colonial Architect. Appointed 1838 to work on the Maitland gaol wall

48201 Burnett Alexander - 1838 26 March East Maitland BR
Inspector of Public Works. Son Francis died age 4mths.

93769 Burnett Alexander - 1831 November - Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
Carpenter. Son of a respectable House carpenter on the banks of the Tweed where he had been too fond of shooting game. Accompanying Sir Thomas L. Mitchell's Expedition

101030 Burnett Alexander - 1837 28 January - SG
Alexander Burnett, William Muirhead, John Waugh Drysdale, Jemmy Piper, John Matthew Richardson John Palmer and Charles King to be examined before the Legislative Council regarding the attack on natives on 27th May while on Major Mitchell's expedition

41711 Burnett Alexander Lord Melville 1830 1836 24 December - SG
Granted free pardon on 21 November 1835

176338 Burnett Alexander Lord Melville 1830 17 November 1829 Ganymede hulk, Chatham UK Prison Hulk Registers. Ancestry
Alexander Burnett age 23, convicted at Jedburgh on 19 September 1829 of Theft and housebreaking. Admitted to the Ganymede hulk and transferred to the Lord Meville for transportation to NSW on 21 May 1830

176339 Burnett Alexander Lord Melville 1830 21 May 1841 Sydney SH
Alexander Burnett was committed to take his trial for stealing 20 pounds from the house of Mr. Clugston the Commercial Inn. burnett is the man who was overseer of Sir Thomas Mitchells two exploring parties and is honorably mentioned by Sir Thomas in his book.

176340 Burnett Alexander Lord Melville 1830 20 May 1841 Darlinghurst gaol State Archives NSW; Roll: 854 Source Information Gaol Description and Entrance Books
Admitted to Darlinghurst gaol. Occupation Carpenter. To be sent for trial.

176342 Burnett Alexander Lord Melville 1830 10 July 1841 Sydney Australasian Chronicle
Sentenced to 12 months hard labour in Sydney gaol having been convicted of stealing 20 pounds from the house of Alexander Clugstone

176343 Burnett Alexander Lord Melville 1830 13 February 1845 East Bargo SMH
Burnett v. Mitchell….This was an action by Alexander Burnett against Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell, to recover compensation for services performed by the plaintiff, on the defendants account. The defendant had pleaded the general issue, and had also filed a set-off to the plaintiffs claim. Mr. MICHIE appeared for the plaintiff; and Mr. Windeyer for the defendant. On the part of the plaintiff three witnesses were called, who proved that the former had been acting us the overseer or superintendent of some works upon Sir Thomas Mitchells establishment at East Bargo , and it was estimated by these witnesses that about 10s. per diem would be a fair rate of remuneration for his services ; but it appeared that he had drawn the rations for himself and his family from Sir Thomas Mitchells store, which it had been agreed should be paid for by the men at the rate of 2.5 per cent, above the Sydney market price. On the part of the defendant several witnesses were called, from whose testimony it appeared that the plaintiff, who had formerly been with Sir Thomas Mitchell as a prisoner of the Crown during his expedition into the interior, had made no special agreement with Sir Thomas for a fixed rate of wages, but was to have made himself generally useful on the farm, receiving his rations and such remuneration as his employer might give him. While on the farm he had not, it would appear, been very active or attentive to his employment, and was once prosecuted by Sir Thomas for stealing some wine, but was acquitted. It came out, however, that the plaintiff had been formerly employed in a similar manner in the erection of a house at Craigend. The defendants case having been closed, Mr. MICHIE contended in reply, that all the evidence which had been given with the view of shaking the plaintiffs claim could not substantially affect it, for where there was an implied agreement as in the present instance to give labour for such a rate of remuneration as the employer should in honour determine upon, he was fairly entitled to so much as his services were proved to have been worth. His Honor, after having recapitulated the leading points of the evidence, left the Jury to determine upon the facts which had been deposed to, whether the plaintiff had established his claim for remuneration beyond the rations he had already received, and if so, what amount he ought to recover. The Jury, after an absence of about three quarters of an hour, found a verdict for the plaintiff, damages £75

102824 Burnett John Alexander - 1853 20 July St. Kilda MM
Death of John Alexander Burnett, Merchant, in Melbourne. Second son of William Burnett of Burnetland, Raymond Terrace. Died on the 25th May