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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
38809 Bullock Island - - 1848 16 February Hunter River MM
21 acres sold at 2 per acre

89551 Bullock Island - - 1852 21 April An island in the Hunter River above Newcastle.Also earlier known as Chapman Island and much later as Carrington MM
Captain Blythof the vessel 'Zylon' drowned near Bullock Island

111328 Bullock Island - - 1848 8 January Newcastle MM
Bullock Island allotments for sale. 2 pounds per acre. 18 acres 3 roods. Allotment No. 16

132181 Bullock Island - - 1861 21 August Newcastle SMH
Money voted in the last Session for construction of a dyke in front of Bullock Island, for the purpose of increasing the scour in the coal channel and thereby deepening it

168115 Bullock Island - - 20 January 1872 Newcastle Empire
The residents of Bullock Island met together for the purpose of considering the advisability of erecting a public school at that place. It was stated that as many as eighty children could be got to attend the school as the parents were in favour of its establishment from the fact that at the present time any children attending schools in Newcastle were compelled to cross the river, and after that the railway line, where great danger existed from the liability to being run over by passing trains. A committee was formed to carry out the object of the meeting

168120 Bullock Island (Onebygamba) (Chapman Island) - - 27 February 1878 Newcastle SMH
Honeysuckle Point, one mile from town, is the first suburb. Here there is a bridge over the creek to Bullock's Island, and a branch of the Great Northern line also runs there. The dyke now being made will form a large dock, and the additional railroad and wharfage facilities afforded at Bullock's Island will enable double the quantity of coal shipped at present to be loaded with ease. On the island are several important establishments, the chief of which is the Soho Foundry of Messrs. Morrison and Bearby, situated at euphonious Onebygamba. Here the other day a large fog-bell, for the Northern breakwater, was cast. I believe it was one of the largest castings ever made in the colony, and the event created quite an excitement in the local Press