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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
88917 Brunker James N - 1852 10 March Maitland MM
Tender for supplying provisions for colonial public service accepted

100572 Brunker James N - 1853 4 June East Maitland MM
Partnership known as Brunker and Biddulph dissolved by mutual consent. Witness Stephen Scholey

108793 Brunker James N - 1854 28 October East Maitland MM
Henry John, eldest son of James N. Brunker died on 24th October aged 2 years and 7 mnths

114345 Brunker James N - 1854 28 October East Maitland MM
Death of Henry John, eldest son of James N. Brunker on 24th October. Aged 2 years and 7 months

11966 Brunker James Nixon - 1844 29 June Newcastle MM
Examination result from Classical and Commercial Academy - First Class in Classics, Themes, drawing and philosophy

103105 Brunker James Nixon - - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Born 1832 at Port Macquarie, son of John Brunker and Mary Ann McGreavy. Spouse Elizabeth Hewlett Weiss. For more information see Pioneer Register Entry No. 150

116401 Brunker James Nixon - 1910 6 June Newcastle The Evening Post, Volume LXXIX, Issue 131, p7
Obituary. Legislative Councillor, 30 years in Parliament. Served in the Parkes-Reid administration. MLA for East Maitland for 24 years, Secetary of Lands 1888 and from 1889 to 1891; Chief Secretary from 1894 to 1889

116956 Brunker James Nixon - 1910 5 June East Maitland Burial Ground Maitland Burial Records
Husband of Elizabeth Hewlett Brunker. Died age 78

138316 Brunker James Nixon - 1857 10 January Maitland MM
Title Deeds ready for delivery on payment of authorised fee. 2 roods

143906 Brunker James Nixon - 1877 3 July West Maitland MM
Mary Anne Whyte, widow of the late William Henry Whyte and mother of James Nixon Brunker of West Maitland. Died at her residence, Watt St. Newcastle on Friday 29th June 1877 aged 62 years

145072 Brunker James Nixon - 1861 17 September East Maitland MM
Character witness for 'Gentleman' John Smith of Newcastle who was accused of arson. Had known Smith all his life

173817 Brunker James Nixon - 1 April 1902 Christ Church Burial Ground, Newcastle NMH
Not far from the grave of surgeon Brooks there is a vault which contains several members of Mr. J.N. Brunkers family. The inscriptions read - Sacred to the memory of James Nixon Brunker died February MDCCCXXXVII Aged XLII. The inscription refers to the father of Mr. J.N. Brunker, M.P who was drowned while attempting to swim the Cockfighters Creek, both horse and rider falling victims to the flood waters. On another panel of the tomb there appears - Sacred to the memory of Mary Annie, wife of Captain E. Bond, daughter of James Nixon Brunker and granddaughter of James McGreavy, who died after a short illness off Port Phillip on board the barque Elizabeth Thomson February 10 MDCCCLVIII and was buried here on the XXVIII of the same month. Mrs. Bond was a daughter of the ex Colonial Secretary who as the tablet shows sailed with her husband and died at sea. On top of the stone is a memorial to her husband Captain Edward Bond who commanded the brig Ensign in 1861 and was lost on September 30 of that year when the brig, during a heavy gale struck the rocks at Morna and all hands were lost. Another daughter Mrs. Phillips and her husband and two sons of Mr. J.N. Brunker, are buried in the same vault

144177 Brunker James Nixon and Elizabeth - 1857 14 June East Maitland Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms. p.66
Butcher. Baptism of daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth

144549 Brunker James Nixon and Elizabeth - 1855 8 July - Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p. 55
Butcher from East Maitland. Baptism of son James Henry Brunker