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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
34200 Browne Richard Providence 1811 1812 24 October Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per Estramina

34201 Browne Richard Providence 1811 1813 6 August Newcastle CSI
Prisoner at Newcastle . Time expired

166864 Browne Richard Providence 1811 20 March 1824 - Colonial Secretary's Papers
Deceased. Late of Castlereagh st Sydney. Correspondence re the daughters of his widow Sarah be admitted to the female orphan school (Mary aged 8 and Elizabeth age 7)

166865 Browne Richard Providence 1811 1811 - State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Title: Bound manuscript indents, 1788-1842; Item: [4/4004]; Microfiche: 633
Tried in Dublin in February 1810. Sentenced to 7 years transportation.

167530 Browne Richard Providence 1811 - Newcastle Newcastle Art Gallery
RICHARD BROWNE A focus exhibition 30 June - 12 August 2012 A focus exhibition of seven works by Richard Browne, including two recent acquisitions to the Newcastle Art Gallery collection. Richard Browne (1776-1824) was an Irish born artist who lived in Newcastle from 1811-1817. The watercolours in this focus exhibition portray the Indigenous people from the Hunter Region and Sydney..........Richard Browne Coola-benn, Native Chief of Ashe Island Hunters River, New South Wales; Cobbawn Wogi, Native Chief of Ashe Island Hunters River New South Wales (1820) 47.0 x 36.0 cm; 33.0 x 27.0 cm watercolour and bodycolour on paper

167533 Browne Richard Providence 1811 - Newcastle State Library of NSW. Discover Collections
Richard Browne was born in Dublin in 1771. He was sentenced to transportation in 1810 and arrived in Sydney in 1811 on the Providence. Within a few months of arriving, he reoffended and was removed to the secondary penal colony of Newcastle. In Newcastle, Browne came into contact with the commandant of Newcastle from 1811-1814, Lieutenant Thomas Skottowe. Skottowe was interested in natural history and commissioned Browne to create drawings of his collections to illustrate a manuscript entitled, Select Specimens From Nature of the / Birds Animals &c &c of New South Wales, Collected and Arranged by Thomas Skottowe Esqr. The Drawings By T.R. Browne. N.S.W. Newcastle New South Wales 1813.