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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
113432 Boodle Rev. Canon - 1858 30 December St. James Church Morpeth Courier (Hobart)
Attended Conference of the clergy and lay representatives of the Church of England in the diocese of Newcastle

123945 Boodle Rev. Canon - 1858 9 March St. James Church, Morpeth SMH
Marriage of Francis Matthew Doyle, fourth son of the late Cyrus Matthew Doyle of Mid Lorn and Loyalty Maria Lloyd, only daughter of Nicholas Gay Carter of Berry Park, Morpeth on 3rd March. Officiating minister Rev. Canon Boodle

149236 Boodle Rev. Canon - 1861 8 April - SMH
On leave of absence. Returned to England for two years however retained his canonry

38081 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 26 January 1848 Muswellbrook MM
Appointed to Muswellbrook by the Bishop of Newcastle

39508 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 22 March 1848 Morpeth MM
Attended Ordination of Benjamin Glennie and Josiah Rodwell held at St. James Church Morpeth

41421 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 17 May 1848 Muswellbrook MM
Accompanied Bishop of Newcastle ( Rev. Tyrrell) to Camberwell

53458 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 18 April 1849 Muswellbrook MM
At meeting at the Court house to discuss petition against renewal of transportation

53909 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 5 May 1849 Muswellbrook MM
Committee member of Muswellbrook Benevolent Society

54556 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 12 May 1849 Muswellbrook MM
Appointed to Local School Board. Denominational School

55769 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 6 June 1849 Morpeth MM
Assisted at the Ordination of Rev. Glennie and Rev. Rodwell at St. James Church

56219 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 1850 Muswellbrook Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary (Blue Books)

62755 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 29 December 1847 - MM
Vicar of Compton Dando, Somerset. Appointed Chaplain to the Bishop of Newcastle

73550 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 10 April 1850 Merriwa MM
Marriage of Richard Cornish of Merriwa to Miss Ann Smart of Wallidge of Edmonton, Middlesex on 3rd April. Minister Rev. Boodle

75059 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 5 June 1850 Merriwa MM
.....By the untiring exertions and zeal of Rev. Boodle a contract has been entered into for the erection of place of worship

76355 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 31 July 1850 Merriwa MM
Marriage of G. Carter to Miss Mary Ann Luckhurst on 24th July. Officiating minister Rev. R.G. Boodle

78924 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 25 September 1850 Morpeth MM
Assisting at the ordination of Reverends Whinfield, O Reilly and Child at St. James Church Morpeth

79841 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 9 November 1850 St. Alban s Parsonage MM
Calling for tenders for erection of slab built school house at Cassilis

81277 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 15 January 1851 Muswellbrook MM
On Board of Church of England School

81321 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 15 January 1851 Cassilis MM
On Board of Church of England School

82624 Boodle Rev. Richard George - 22 March 1851 Singleton MM
Attended consecration of All Saints Church on 19th March

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