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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
78731 Blaxland John M - 1837 18 January Wollombi Brook, Hunter Co., GG 1837
Crown land lease

78732 Blaxland John M - 1837 18 January Northumberland Co GG 1837
Crown land lease

79615 Blaxland John M - 1837 1 February Parish of Vere, Co. Northumberland GG 1837
Lease expiring 31 March 1837

100188 Blaxland John M - - - Wood., W. Allan., 'Dawn in the Valley', the Story of Settlement in the Hunter River Valley., Wentworth books, Sydney, 1972

117138 Blaxland John M - 1837 Merton GRC
Frederick Lane per 'St. Vincent' assigned servant

93921 Blaxland John M. sen., - 1834 28 May Situated at Wollombi Brooks bounded on the the North by Rev. R. Hills land GG 1834
Of Newington. Claim of grant of land - 800 acres promised to Boucher

127963 Blaxland John Marquet - 1836 - 37 Patrick Plains GRC
James Moran per 'Isabella' assigned servant

115263 Blaxland John Marquett - 1840 2 June - SG
Death of John Marquett, the eldest son of John Blaxland of Newington on 29th May aged 39

127798 Blaxland John Marquett - 1836 - 37 Patrick Plains GRC
Jasper Miles per 'Heroine' assigned servant

127850 Blaxland John Marquett - 1836-37 Patrick Plains GRC
George Millway per 'Hercules' assigned servant

148020 Blaxland John Marquett - 1821 14 February Wallis Plains Journal of John Marquett Blaxland. State Library of NSW. Manuscripts, Oral history and Pictures
John Marquett Blaxland was the eldest son of John Blaxland and Harriet de Marquett, and nephew of Gregory Blaxland. In 1821 he discovered a route to the Hunter River.His Journal describes a trip to Wallis Plains, describes places in the vicinity, and the weather in the region, and daily activities. Daily activities include collecting shells, attending church, attending a corroboree, hunting for birds and kangaroos, hunting with Aborigines.

167347 Blaxland John Marquett - 18 December 1821 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Letters Received
Correspondence mentioning twelve runaways from Newcastle who used the road used by Rev. Middleton to bring cattle overland and which was marked by John Blaxland on the same journey. The road became known as the Parson's road