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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
155203 Blain Rev. - 1844 27 January At the residence of Captain Pattison, Morpeth MM
Marriage of John Stewart, surgeon, son of Doctor Cornelius Stewart of Dunblane, Scotland to Helena, daughter of the late John Poyntz Esq., of Prospect Hill, county of Cork, Ireland on 22nd January 1844. Minister Rev. Blain

51185 Blain Rev. R - 1849 17 January Dungog MM
Appointed to Presbyterian School board

56216 Blain Rev. R - 1850 Hinton, Paterson Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary (Blue Books)
Presbyterian Minister

94749 Blain Rev. R - 1852 25 September Nelson's Plains MM
Attended the funeral of Ann McPherson

94784 Blain Rev. R - 1852 29 September Morpeth MM
100 children attending Morpeth Presbyterian School school examined in their classes by Rev. Robert Blain

95947 Blain Rev. R - 1852 3 November Clarencetown MM
Present at examination day at Clarence town school

98419 Blain Rev. R - 1853 9 March Newcastle MM
Marriage of John Oxley Portus of Raymond Terrace to Anne Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late James Hannah on 1st March. Minister Rev. R. Blain

110915 Blain Rev. R - 1854 28 January Hinton MM
Attended meeting at the Hinton Hotel to discuss the fencing in of the lagoon and burial ground at Hinton

114185 Blain Rev. R - 1854 8 July Hinton MM
Marriage of Thomas Baker of Woodville to Mrs. Catherine Lamont of Hinton on 7th July. Officiating minister Rev. R. Blain

124508 Blain Rev. R - 1855 30 June Eskdale MM
Marriage of George Sutherland of Hinton and Miss Agnes Houston, eldest daughter of Gavin Houston of the same place on 27 June. Minister Rev. R .Blain

4094 Blain Rev. Robert - 1842 5 February Morpeth HRG

4670 Blain Rev. Robert - 1842 26 March East Maitland HRG
Subscribed to immigrants home

11085 Blain Rev. Robert - 1844 30 March Hinton MM

18561 Blain Rev. Robert - 1845 27 September St. Heliers MM
Marriage of Rev. Robert Blain of Hinton and Miss Sarah Jane, third daughter of the late George Keys, Esq., of Killynoongan, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland on 24th September. Minister Rev. Irving Hetherington

18876 Blain Rev. Robert - 1845 18 October Hinton MM
Delivered lecture on General Advantages of Education and the importance of the working classes

43414 Blain Rev. Robert - 1848 15 July Seaham MM
Trustee for Presbyterian Church grant

43417 Blain Rev. Robert - 1848 15 July Clarence town MM
Trustee for Presbyterian school house grant

43668 Blain Rev. Robert - 1842 12 February Morpeth HRG
Advertising to engage person to make 40,000 bricks from an old brick hole on Hinton Estate

44440 Blain Rev. Robert - 1838 5 May Maitland SG
Resigned from position at Maitland

44518 Blain Rev. Robert - 1839 Maitland Returns of the Colony _ Colonial Secretary
Presbyterian Minister

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