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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
180881 Binder District Constable Richard - 29 April 1824 Government Cottage, Pattersons Plains NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Thomas Davis, constable in the district of Pattersons Plains charged with insolence to the District Constable and insubordination in refusing to assist him in the performance of his duty. Richard Binder, District Constable, stated and proves the charges. Thomas Davis sentenced to 50 lashes and hard labour in the mines until further orders....NB Corporal Punishment forgiven

31074 Binder Richard - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
Edward Bedford per 'Hebe' assigned servant

42311 Binder Richard - 1824 29 May Newcastle CSI
Recommended for a land grant by Henry Gillman, Commandant at Newcatle

56115 Binder Richard - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
John Hicks per 'Portland' employed as servant

62565 Binder Richard - 1824 6 May Newcastle SG
Assigned servant John Groves per Coromandel absconded from service

62670 Binder Richard - 1825 9 June Newcastle SG
Marmaduke Burrows per Grenada absconded from service

62813 Binder Richard - 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
Andrew Lang aged 21 assigned servant

63651 Binder Richard - 1827 14 September Hunter River The Australian
Assigned servant Marmaduke Burrows shot and killed escapee Michael Reilly near Whitmore's Farm

77052 Binder Richard - 1824 Counties Durham & Northumberland CSI
Thomas Shutt per 'Earl St. Vincent' assigned servant

78587 Binder Richard - 1830 26 March - Australian
Died at Newcastle on 2nd March. Reported to be the first person to use a plough at the Hunter River

95971 Binder Richard - 1806 16 November Kissing Point Sydney SG
Richard Binder, William Wilson, Thomas Dunkelay and Mary Smith charged with sheep stealing

108191 Binder Richard - 1824 April Patterson's Plains State Records NSW. Colonial Secretary's Correpondence. Special Bundles, 1794-1825. Series 898
Patrick Stapleton per Archduke Charles assigned servant

122457 Binder Richard - 1842 14 October 82 acres, Co. Durham, Parish of Butterwick; commencing at the western extreme of the south boundary line of Whitmore's occupancy etc. GG
Claim for Deed of Grant. One of the original settlers of Paterson's Plains, was to have received a lease of this land for 7 years from 1/7/1824 or 100 acres elsewhere and compensation for improvements. He obtained the 100 acres but kept possession of this land in consequence of not being paid for improvements. Gov. Darling converted the promised leases to grants; and Gov. Gipps sanctioned Binder's obtaining the Deed of Grant. Binder sold to Burcher, who sold to Stubbs, who sold to Watts who sold to Lee (claimaint)

125245 Binder Richard - 1830 16 February Newcastle Maitland Quarter Sessions
Richard Samuels sentenced to 6 months in an iron gang for stealing a quantity of beef belonging to Richard Binder

147894 Binder Richard - 1825 9 November County of Durham, Parish of Uffington Index to map of the country bordering upon the River Hunter... by Henry Dangar (London : Joseph Cross, 1828). p13
Granted 100 acres of land. Annual quit rent 15s

160597 Binder Richard - 1818 3 August Christ Church, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
No. 4. Marriage of Richard Binder to Ann Burrell. Witness David Thurston. Minister Rev. William Cowper

160713 Binder Richard - 10 March 1823 Church of England, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
No. 27. Marriage of John Cheers of Sydney to Elizabeth Ann Hickey, daughter of John Hickey of the same place. Witnesses William Hickey and Richard Binder. Minister Rev. G.A. Middleton

163238 Binder Richard - 1828 Newcastle AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 670
Andrew Laing per 'Countess of Harcourt' assigned servant

170752 Binder Richard - 1825 Newcastle New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters. Class: HO 10; Piece: 19
Owen Henshaw per Coromandel 1820 assigned servant

30387 Binder Richard Glatton 1803 1813 21 July Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Estramina'

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