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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
40206 Barney Captain George - 1836 16 July Newcastle SG
Royal Engineers. Recommencing work on Nobbys breakwater. Estimated to complete in 5yrs time employing 200 prisoners and machinery. 3000

65407 Barney Captain George - 1836 19 March - SG
Birth - on the 14th instant, the lady of Capt. Barney of the Royal Engineers a daughter

82140 Barney Captain George - 1836 1 March Newcastle SG
Inspected the Breakwater at Newcastle and declared it to be a disaster

82144 Barney Captain George - 1836 2 April Newcastle Monitor
Proceeding to Newcastle to approve the site of the new military barracks

82172 Barney Captain George - 1836 20 September - Australian
Recommending a micacious sand stone obtainable in Newcastle to be used for paving the streets of Sydney

119002 Barney Captain George British Sovereign 1835 1835 12 December Port Jackson SG
Captain Barney of the Royal Engineers, Mrs Barney, Miss Ellen Barney, Miss Maria Barney and Master James Barney, passengers on the 'British Sovereign' from London

84996 Barney George - 1851 13 August - MM
Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands

86431 Barney George - 1851 29 October New England MM
On list printed in the Gazette for New Commission of the Peace

161223 Barney George (Captain and Brevet-Major) - 1840 - The United Service Journal (Google Books)
Corps of the Royal Engineers. Appointed to Lieut-Colonel vice Walker who retired on full pay

161224 Barney George (Lieut-Colonel) - 1846 - Annual Register Volume 88 Edited by Edmund Burke
Late Lieut-Colonel in the Royal Engineers. Appointed Lieut-Governor of North Australia, and to administer the government of that colony, under the style and title of Superintendent thereof

150471 Barney Lieut-Col. George - 1841 25 May - SH
On list of Military Officers on duty in NSW in 1841. Royal Engineers. Entered the army 11 July 1808. Served at the defence of Tariffe in 1811 and 1812; and at the capture of Guadaloupe and Saintres in 1815

147459 Barney Major George - 1838 23 May St. James Church, Sydney The Sydney Monitor
Marriage of Captain David Charles Frederick Scott, Bombay Light Cavalry, to Maria Jane, second daughter of Major George Barney, Commanding Royal Engineers, Sydney on 17th May 1838