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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
100153 Aubin (Aubyn) Captain Philip - - - Wood., W. Allan., 'Dawn in the Valley', the Story of Settlement in the Hunter River Valley., Wentworth books, Sydney, 1972
pp., 284, 297

176869 Aubin (Aubyn) Captain Phillip - 24 October 1831 India SH
From the Madras papers.....On Sunday 31 July arrived the ship Red Rover, Captain Christie from Sydney 8th June, and Copang the 5th July. Passengers, Mrs. Aubin, Mrs. Gray and two children, Mrs. Shadforth, Captain Aubin, Lieut. Gray, Liuet. Shadford, Ensign Aubin, Assistant Surgeon Mathison, 6 sergeants, 96 rank and file of 57 th regt

168636 Aubin (Aubyn) Lieutenant Philip - 24 April 1817 - A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines By Great Britain. War Office
Philip Aubin joined the army on 29th April 1813 and was appointed Lieutenant in the 57th regiment 24 April 1817

64350 Aubin (Aubyn) Lieutenant Phillip - 1829 18 August - SG
Appointed to take charge of the Police establishments at Wallis Plains and Patterson's Plains

113864 Aubin (Aubyn) Lieutenant Phillip Vittoria 1829 1829 20 January Port Jackson SG
In command of a detachment of 63rd regiment on the convict ship 'Vittoria'

176870 Aubin (Aubyn) Major Phillip - - - THE NEW ARMY LIST, FOR JANUARY, 1841. By H. G. HART
Major Phillip Aubin served in the Peninsula from Nov. 1811 to the end of the war, including the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, 25th 28th 30th and 31st July; Nivelle, Nive, 9th 11th and 13th Dec 1813; besides many other minor actions and skirmishes. Severely wounded through the left side in action at Coucher 18 March 1814. Served subsequently in the American war

168637 Aubin (Aubyn) Philip - 1811 - The Royal Military Chronicle: Or, British Officers Monthly ..., Volume 1
57th regiment - Philip Aubin, gentleman, to be ensign by purchase, vice Cox promoted

5629 Aubyn Captain Phillip - 1829 Maitland A Town to be laid out
Accompanied Mr. Justice Dowling when he first held Circuit Court at Maitland in 1829

27421 Aubyn Captain Phillip - 1830 31 August Maitland Early Days of Port Stephens
Attending meeting with Sir E. Parry

27423 Aubyn Captain Phillip - 1830 31 August - Early Days of Port Stephens
Of Mounted Police. To pursue bushranger Donohoe

64449 Aubyn Captain Phillip - 1830 8 October Hunter River Australian
Superintendent of Police. No bushrangers at Patterson's Plains thanks to Capt. Aubyn who was about to leave for India (Letter)

64638 Aubyn Captain Phillip - 1831 28 January Maitland The Australian
Magistrate at Maitland. Visiting his ill brother in Sydney

27477 Aubyn Mrs. Phillip - 1831 23 April Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
Visiting Port Stephens from Maitland