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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
35203 Ashbourn (Ashburn) Constable Joseph - 1847 11 September Muswellbrook MM
Witness in trial of Edward Courtney

42015 Ashburn Constable Joseph - 1848 21 June Muswellbrook MM
Arrested Constable Dunn after he assaulted Constable Fox

83584 Ashburn Constable Joseph - 1851 21 May Ten miles from Muswellbrook MM
Apprehended Thomas Ballard for the murder of Henry Boyle

97158 Ashburn Constable Joseph - 1853 29 January Muswellbrook MM
Posting reward for Patrick Croasdill who escaped from custody at the Chain of Ponds

26956 Ashburn Joseph - 1847 17 February Muswellbrook MM
Constable. Apprehended Thomas Green

97000 Ashburn Joseph - 1853 19 January Muswellbrook MM
Offering reward for return of mare

97150 Ashburn Joseph - 1853 29 January Muswellbrook MM
Marriage of Isaac Moses, storekeeper, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Joseph Ashburn on 18th January. Both of Muswellbrook.. Minister Rev. James S. White

97233 Ashburn Joseph - 1853 2 February Muswellbrook MM
Grew a rock melon weighing 10 1/2 pounds

99603 Ashburn Joseph - 1853 23 April Collected by J.H. Keys at St. Heliers MM
Made donation to the Maitland Hospital

161859 Ashburn Joseph - - - Biographical Register of Muswellbrook
Born 1807 at Alnwick, Northumberland, England,, son of Joseph Ashburn and Dorothy Carr. Married Anne Phillips in 1833 Ireland. Died 13 September 1875 in Muswellbrook. Occupation: Soldier, constable and wardsman

161867 Ashburn Joseph - 9 February 1858 Muswellbrook MM
Expenditure of the Muswellbrook Benevolent Society -1 to Joseph Ashburn for conveyance of a sick man to Maitland; 8 to Mr. Ashburn for the rent of the Hospital ( 16 weeks); 20 16s 9d to Mr. Ashburn as wardsman and supplying the Hospital with wood and water, wash and rations to patients

161869 Ashburn Joseph - 29 January 1876 Muswellbrook MM
In September last Mr. Joseph Ashburn, who had held the position of wardsman since the establishment of the institution, died, and thereby the committee lost a useful servant. In consideration at Mrs. Ashburne's long services and efficiency as Matron, your committee determined to defer the appointment of another wardsman for a short tirne, and to permit Mrs. Ashburne to continue to act as matron till the end of the year, at a salary of 30 per annum- wardman's assistance being supplied under the orders and superintendence of the medical officer. This was a temporary arrangement merely, and at its last meeting your committee resolved to fill up the vacancy, and to call for applications of wardsmen and matron. Four applications have been received, and the matter is still under the consideration of the committee.

161861 Ashburn Joseph Henry - - Muswellbrook Biographical Register of Muswellbrook
Born 1843 in Muswellbrook, son of Joseph Ashburn. Married Annie Greer (widow of Watt) 7 January 1873

161868 Ashburn Joseph junior - 23 March 1872 Muswellbrook MM
Accident -On Tuesday a severe accident happened to Mr Joseph Ashburn, jun, which might have been attended with dangerous consequence On the day above mentioned, while taking a buggy to the river attached to a water cart, the shaft of the buggy struck him below the left eye, causing a severe contused wound, and leaving the eyeball bare. Under the skilful attendance of Dr De Leon he is doing well