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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
43759 Anthony Constable William - 1835 20 November Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
John Threadgold admonished and discharged after Constable Anthony stated in court that Threadgold had been civil when arrested and only half drunk!

52271 Anthony Constable William - 1836 8 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Witnessed William McClaren leaving Simon Kemp's public house after 9 o'clock

52351 Anthony Constable William - 1836 26 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Charged by the gaoler Mr. Field with grossly irregular conduct in taking a letter from a female prisoner in Syd. to prisoner at Newcastle

52352 Anthony Constable William - 1836 26 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Charge of irregular conduct referred to Colonial Secretary

52355 Anthony Constable William - 1836 26 January Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Received 2/6- for slaughtering a dog

52410 Anthony Constable William - 1836 16 February Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Testified in court that there was nothing suspicious about Riley and McCartney

52490 Anthony Constable William - 1836 7 March Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
Received 2/6- for slaughtering a dog

54070 Anthony Constable William - 1837 7 February Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AONSW Reel 2722
Arrested 'Boatman' for drunk and disorderly conduct near the beach

131183 Anthony Constable William - 1837 3 May Newcastle GG
Looke (Luke) Dooley appointed constable from 21st April in the room of William Anthony who resigned

180432 Anthony Constable William - 24 July 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Bridget and Joseph Flemming charged with disorderly conduct and keeping a disorderly house.....Constable William Rouse testified...I have often had occasion to quell disturbances in their house - about four or five nights ago I was called on to quell a disturbance caused by a woman by the name of Randell. This took place in Flemming s house. I should have taken her (Randell) to the watch house at that time when her husband promised if I would not do so he would take her into the bush. An assigned servant of the A.A. Company some time ago was punished for being out of his barracks after hours. He was taken in the act of leaving Flemming s house at the time at the same time an assigned servant of Simon Kemp s was in the house. I have frequently been told of the irregular way in which Flemming keeps his house by the neighbours. Constable Smith informed me that Randell was making a disturbance in the house. I do not know how long Mr. Kemp s man was in Flemming s house. Mr. Kempt told me that if ever I caught him there to take him to the watch house and the he suspected he was there. Mrs. Flemming has been once convicted of disorderly conduct and sent to the gaol for two months. Flemming was once fined five shillings for drunkenness.....Constable Anthony testified....On Sunday eve about seven oclock I went with constable Rouse down the street. Bridget Flemming and her husband were having some disturbance before we came up. I thought by their manner she had been fighting the prisoner was standing at the front of Mrs. Cooper s door when she made use of some very bad expressions. I considered her the worse of the two and took her to the watch house. She was not drunk. I think Flemming had been drinking....Private Redman of the 4th regiment testified....I have heard noises at Flemming s house at unseasonable hours but they do not molest me in any other way. I never saw Mrs. Flemming drunk.....William Cooper testified....I have frequently seen Flemming in a state of drunkenness and beating his wife. They often quarrel in their own house and cause a disturbance to the neighbours. On Saturday night or Sunday morning last I heard a great disturbance in the direction of Flemmings house. I heard Mrs. Vickers voice frequently crying out watch. I cannot say that ever I saw Mr. Flemming drunk neither has Flemming ever interrupted me.....Mrs. Vickers testified....Says Flemming last Saturday night was drunk...I could get no rest from the noise he and some of his company made. He had several people in the house. I do not know who they were as I did not see any of them. I only saw one man a Soldier I think. It was between one and two oclock in the morning when they made a great noise by turning two of the men out of the house. Mrs. Flemming and another woman ran out of the house to get away from Flemming. I have never seen Mrs. Flemming drunk or disorderly. I have heard Mrs. Flemming make use of foul language...(signed Helen Vickers)...John Harrison being duly sworn says...On Saturday last about five oclock in the afternoon I saw Flemming. He asked me to come to his house. I asked him what for he said he had a woman in the house with a three days pass. Flemming had been drinking. (Signed John Harrison)...Mrs. Flemming was discharged, it appearing that her husband provoked her to behave disorderly. Joseph Flemming bound over to be of good behaviour in five and ten pounds for the period of 12 months

180551 Anthony Constable William - 2 October 1835 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Constable William Rouse and Constables Anthony, Hannell and Smith were charged by Mr. Simon Kemp with neglect of duty in allowing prisoners of the Crown to remain in his house contrary to Law.....Mr. Kemp testified....Mr. Reid s men have been in the habit of coming into my house every Saturday night for this last 12 months. The constables have seen them there and did not take due notice of it according to the Act. They were there last Saturday week and the Saturday before that some of Mr. Reid s men by the name of Mills and Harlock, prisoners of the Crown were there on the day mentioned. William Page, prisoner of the Crown assigned to James Reid has been seen by the constables in my house repeatedly and I conclude from my being fined on a similar case that it must be contrary to law.....Constable Thomas Smith testified...I have been in the habit of coming into Mr. Kemps House for the last 12 months. I have seen some of Mr. Reid s men in the house. Page, Mills, Morris and Harlock. I have seen Morris sitting down in the tap room. The reason why I did not turn them out was because I understood that when Mr. Reid was magistrate that they were allowed to go to Mr. Kemp s House. I do not recollect that Constable Rouse ever gave me orders not to turn out Mr Reid s assigned servants from Mr. Kemps. I did think that Mr. Kemp as Mr. Reids agent was allowed to entertain Mr. Reid s assigned servants. When it has happened that Rouse has gone with me to Mr. Kemp s public house and the men were in the tap room it has been understood by me that Mr. Kemp had written permission from Mr. Reid to entertain his assigned servants. I never saw Mr. Kemp allow anything disorderly in his house wilfully in the way of breaking the law. I recollect about six months ago Mr. Reid relieved two men from the watch house, his assigned servants....Constable Rouse testified in his defence...Some time ago about six or eight months ago I took two of Mr. Reids assigned servants Morris and Harlock out of Mr, Kemp s tap room. I confined them in the watch house for being there illegally as I considered without a pass. They remained there some little time when I came to the watch house again I was informed by the constable on duty that Mr. Reid had relieved them. I received a reprimand from Mr. Reid putting them in the watch house as Mr Kemp was his general agent, Mr. Reid being a Magistrate I was bound to obey his orders. Constable Hannell testified in his defence....The reason he did not turn the men out of Mr. Kemp s public house was that he always considered Mr. Kemp to be Mr. Reids superintendent. I heard Mr. Reid say so in the public court some time ago. I put one of Mr. Reids men by the name of Morris for being drunk in the street I complained at that time to the Bench at that time that Mr. Reids men were allowed to go to Mr. Kemp s at all hours in the day and till eight oclock at night and of the trouble they gave us. The men were always saucy to us when they were spoken to by us...Constable Anthony in defence testified....He has only to state what Rouse has already stated being an eye witness. Verdict....The Constables having acted under the authority of Mr. Reid as a Magistrate the complaint is dismissed

68862 Anthony Constable William Claudine 1829 1832 30 May Newcastle GG 1832
Appointed Constable in room of Duncan Kennedy

7250 Anthony William - 1843 8 April - MM
Supporter for the election of Major Wentworth to the Legislative Council

10403 Anthony William - 1841 Newcastle District 1841 Census Index
Bolton Street. Newcastle. 61

54140 Anthony William - 1837 28 March Newcastle BB
Purchased 1 pr trousers at a public auction

54434 Anthony William - 1837 21 April Newcastle BB
Given a general pass by Major Crummer. To be returned when he received his certificate of freedom

91579 Anthony William - 1837 13 August Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p29
Labourer. Baptism of son William George

91644 Anthony William - 1838 13 November Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p31
Labourer. Baptism of son Francis

91850 Anthony William - 1838 November - Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle.
Francis, Infant son of William Anthony. Died aged 10 days. Burial date

102259 Anthony William - 1837 6 May Newcastle SG
Resigned from position of constable. Replaced by Looke (Luke) Dooley

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