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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
31911 Villiers Ensign (Lieutenant) - 1808 25 September Newcastle Historical Records of NSW Vol VI
Liet. Gov. Foveaux directs Ensign Villiers of N.S.W. Corp to hold himself in readiness to proceed to Newcastle to take command of settlement

77322 Villiers Ensign (Lieutenant) - 1808 25 December Newcastle SG
Lieutenant William Lawson to hold himself in readiness to embark to Newcastle to take Command of the settlement from Ensign Villiers

127599 Villiers Ensign A. Charles. H. (Lieutenant) - 1808 25 September Newcastle Sydney Gazette
Lieutenant Gov. Foveaux directed that Ensign A.C.H. Villiers of NSW Corps to hold himself in readiness to procced to Newcastle to take Command at the Settlement. Ensign Villiers also appointed Magistrate for the county of Northumberland (dated 11 September)

183241 Villiers Ensign A.H. Charles Villiers (Lieutenant) - - n.d. London Gazette
New South Wales Corps - Ensign A.H.C. Villiers appointed Lieutenant without purchase, vice Mell (who was appointed Paymaster)

77296 Villiers Ensign Charles (Lieutenant) - 1810 18 March - HR NSW, Vol. VII, Bligh & Macquarie 1809 - 1811, pp. 316, 317, 318, 319.
Sir Henry Browne Hayes paying tribute to Lieut. Villiers for his kindness on Hayes arrival at Coal River as a prisoner

77315 Villiers Ensign Charles (Lieutenant) - 1809 5 February Newcastle SG
Messrs. Throsby, Davidson & Kent; also Lieutenant Villiers of HM NSW Corps, and Lady, passengers on the Estramina from Kings Town to Port Jackson 2nd February 1809

127600 Villiers Ensign Charles (Lieutenant) - 1809 2 April Coal River CSI
45 cedar boards belonging to Villiers sent from Coal River to Sydney

127601 Villiers Ensign Charles (Lieutenant) - 1809 April - CSI
102nd regiment. On list of all grants and leasses of land registered in the Colonial Secretarys Office

148193 Villiers Ensign Charles (Lieutenant) - 1809 4 August - CSI
Correspondence from William Lawson re Lieut. Villiers being duped by Hays (?Sir Henry Browne Hayes)