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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
162324 Morisset Brevet Major James Thomas - 17 January 1820 Newcastle The Evidence Before Commissioner J.T. Bigge
EVIDENCE OF BREVET MAJOR MORISSET, COMMANDANT AT NEWCASTLE, 17 JANUARY, 1820 1. How long have you been in the command of this settlement? Since 1 January 1819. 2. From whom did you receive your appointment? From Governor Macquarie. 3. By what instrument was the appointment made? In the form of a Government and General order signed by Mr Campbell the Secretary and Major Antill as Major of Brigade. 4. You likewise have an appointment as a magistrate? I hold an appointment under the hand and seal of Governor Macquarie as magistrate for the settlement of Newcastle in Hunters River. 5. Upon your receiving this appointment did you receive any special instructions from the Governor in writing? I did. 6. What is the amount of your colonial pay as Commandant of this settlement and of rations or other indulgences you receive? I receive seven and six pence a day as Commandant and 2 as Magistrate an allowance of four men on the store provided they are not required for government service. I am not allowed any extra ration or any allowance for a horse. There is a farm belonging to government on the river at some 50 distance from the town over which is placed an overseer, who has a farm of his own in the neighbourhood; and to him I give up my four men in consideration of a certain quantity of wheat and maize for my use which last year amounted to 350 bushels - I have made this arrangement rather than conduct any farm on account of government or have anything to do with farming transactions.

104947 Morisset Captain - 1819 9 January - SG
Captain James Wallis returned to Sydney on the Elizabeth Henrietta. To be succeded as Commandant at Newcastle by Captain Morisett of the 48th

62048 Morisset Captain James - 1818 26 December Newcastle SG
48th Regiment. Appointed Commandant at Newcastle Settlement in the room of Captain James Wallis

129949 Morisset Captain James Thomas - 1819 12 August - A List of the Officers of the Army
Captain James Thomas Morisset appointed Major 12 August 1819. 48th (or the Northamptonshire)Regt of Foot

63867 Morisset Colonel - 1829 30 January - The Australian
Appointed Commandant at Norfolk Island

65134 Morisset Colonel - 1834 7 April Norfolk Island Australian
Convalescent at Norfolk Island. Recent insurrenction among prisoners

65201 Morisset Colonel - 1834 15 April Norfolk Island SG
Brother-in-law D.A.C.G. Vaux drowned after being swept off the rocks at Norfolk Island

105313 Morisset Colonel - 1828 4 April - SG
Frederick A. Hely taking over the duties of Superintendent of Police for Col. Morisset while Col. Morisset visited Newcastle for a few days

118453 Morisset Colonel and Mrs Harmony 1827 1827 28 September Port Jackson SG
Colonel Morisset, wife and family passengers on the 'Harmony' from London

108184 Morisset Colonel James - 1823 26 December Bathurst CSI
Request by Morisset that blacksmith James Standige of Newcastle be transferred to Bathurst

163204 Morisset J.T - December 1827 - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 668
Mary Ann Old per 'Louisa' assigned to J.T. Morisset

88204 Morisset James Thomas - 1841 23 January Bathurst FP
Appointed Magistrate

148555 Morisset James Thomas - - - The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111
Born c. 1780. Died at Bathurst August 1852. Spouse/partner 1) Joanna Deasey. Spouse 2) Emily Vaux

74444 Morisset Lieutenant-Colonel James Thomas - 1843 5 July Bathurst CO
Wife gave birth to a daughter 24th June

62642 Morisset Major - 1825 17 February - SG
48th Regiment. Previously Commandant at Newcastle and Bathurst. Sailed for England on the ship 'Mangles'

63912 Morisset Major - 1827 25 January - SG
Formerly Commandant at Newcatle and Bathurst. Appointed commandant at Norfolk Island

169834 Morisset Major - 25 December 1908 Newcastle Newcastle Morning Herald - Watt Street in the Early Days
The Commandant's residence named the Government House was situated in the line of Watt Street, about 100 yards from the corner of the barrack wall in Church street. This building was destroyed by fire in 1820. Upon the destruction of his residence Major Morriset the commandant occupied the Government offices at the top of Watt Street, which were subsequently converted into a Presbyterian manse.

17126 Morisset Major James - 1818 Newcastle CSI
48th Regiment. Commandant Newcastle

77985 Morisset Major James - 1822 8 March - SG
From Newcastle to Sydney cove in an open boat. 11hrs on the water

78035 Morisset Major James - 1823 1 May - SG
Travelled overland from Newcastle to Windsor. 'Fatiguing journey of 9 days

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