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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
92212 - - Rolla 1803 1803 - The Convict Ships - Charles Bateson
Master Robert Cumming; Surgeon John Buist. 127 male convicts; 37 female convicts

137342 - - Rolla 1803 1803 15 May Port Jackson SG
Arrival of the ship 'Rolla' on 12 May 1803 under, Captain John Cummings. Departed Ireland with prisoners of both sexes, viz 119 men and 37 women, 7 of whom died on the passage out. The Rolla departed Ireland 4th November, arrived at Rio de Janeiro 15th January and from there on 6th Feb., and in 95 days after came to anchor in Port Jackson. Bad weather in the course of which she sprung her main mast and carried away her main yard

161912 - - Rolla 1803 31 October 1802 - Historical Records of Australia
Mr *Richard Sainthill to Governor King, Cork, October 31, 1802. Sir, I herewith inclose you an account of the provisions and stores shipped in the Rolla, Robert Cummings, by Order of the Government of Ireland, As also a Certificate from the Master, that all the convicts have been victualled on fresh provisions since being embarked, not consuming any out on board for the voyage; the cask of clothing, No. 1 contains 52 sets menís dresses sent by the Atlas, Musgrave, and No. 6 the hats; a list of convicts by this ship and also those sent by the Atlas, is sent by the Lord Lieutenant to Your Excellency by Mr Cummings. *(Lieut. Richard Sainthill was officially styled agent for the Government of Ireland. He carried out the entire supervision of the convicts provisions, clothing and other stores, which were embarked on board the transport ships whose port of departure was in Ireland. He was also responsible for the transmission of all indent papers and invoices of goods to the Governor of NSW)

37658 Daly William Rolla 1803 1820 November Newcastle CSI
On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle

37659 Daly William Rolla 1803 1824 3 February County of Durham CSI
Assigned to Alexander Livingstone

37661 Daly William Rolla 1803 1824 26 June Newcastle CSI
To be victualled from the Store at Newcatle for 6mths

68770 Daly William Rolla 1803 1820 21 November Newcastle Convict Settlement
Punished for purlining provisions in prisoners barracks

46164 Day William Rolla 1803 1828 Brisbane Water 1828 Census
Aged 44. Labourer employed by Robert Henderson

103383 Doyle Cyrus Matthew Rolla 1803 - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Son of Andrew Doyle and Sopoia Isabella Norris. Spouse 1. Frances Biggers. Spouse 2. Elizabeth McDougal. For more information see Pioneer Register Entry No. 377

39268 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1811 20 March Newcastle CSI
Sent to Newcastle

39269 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1811 26 October Newcastle CSI
Lieutenant Skottowe rejecting petition by Duffey

39270 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1818 - CSI
Convicted of murder

61181 Duffy Hugh Rolla 1803 1811 16 February - SG
Sentencedto 2 years hard labour for receiving goods stolen from Thomas Abbott December last. Sent to Newcastle

130663 Gorman Thomas Rolla 1803 1811 9 February Sydney SG
Charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain a Certificate of Freedom by assumnig the name of three other persons who had come out in the same ship as prisoner for 7 years, the Indents identifying that Gorman was a prisoner for Life

148331 Gorman Thomas Rolla 1803 - - The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111
Born c. 1776 Trim Co. Meath, Ireland. Died 13 August 1849 in Sydney. Spouse Catherine McLaughlan. Issue 1). Mary Ann b. c 1807. 2). John b. c. 1809. 3). Ellen b. 1811. 4)Elizabeth b. 1813. 5)Catherine b. c. 1816. 6) Margaret b. c. 1822. 7). Thomas b. 1820. 8) Jane b. c. 1823

161913 Higgins (Tyrrell) (Horner) Mary Rolla 1803 - - -
De facto relationship with assistant surgeon Richard Horner. Issue - James, Margaret, Mary & Sarah

62290 Hurley Catherine Rolla 1803 1818 19 October Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per Lady Nelson

137343 Hurley Catherine Rolla 1803 1829 19 May Sydney SG
Granted Ticket of Leave dated 17 March 1829

180897 Laurence (Lawrence) Margaret Rolla 1803 24 May 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Margaret Lawrence, Ann Carr alias Coffee and Harriet Bray all in government service. Charged with being absent from Muster and missing Divine Service the previous day. The Chief Constable stated that the prisoners were absent from Muster on the bell ringing for Church yesterday and did not attend Divine service. Sentenced to be kept in the cells at night for one week

133921 Lawrence Margaret Rolla 1803 26 January 1821 Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per Prince Leopold

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