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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
77659 - - Palambam 1831 1831 8 August Sydney SH
Females of the Palambam landed

77660 - - Palambam 1831 1831 5 September - SH
Two women injured on their journey to Hunter River by the overturning of a dray

95123 - - Palambam 1831 1831 17 June - Australian
On the way to NSW from London. Went ashore in a fog on the 13th February 1831 under Dover Castle without damage

115909 - - Palambam 1831 1831 1 August Port Jackson SH
Arrived from Cork, on the 31st July having sailed the 23rd of March, the ship Palambam, Captain Willis with 114 female prisoners, Surgeon Superintendent James Osborne, This vessel also brought 50 girls from the Founding Hospital of Cork, two matrons, their husbands, seven children, four females, wives of convicts living in the colony and six of their children

164324 Ahern Johanna Palambam 1831 2 July 1845 Singleton Application to Marry
James Fibbins aged 48 arrived per 'Marquis of Hastings', application to marry Johanna Ahern aged 37 arrived per 'Palambam'

166849 Ahern Johanna Palambam 1831 1831 Sydney Convict Indents (Ancestry)
Age 23. Housemaid from Cork. Epileptic. Tried 7 January 1831 and sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing clothes. Ruddy freckled and pockpitted complexion, 4ft 8 1/4in, Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Note: Brother John Ahern arrived 2 years previously and sisters Margaret and Ellen arrived 3 years previously. Assigned to Catherine Garratt in Sydney on arrival.

72105 Ahern Mary Palambam 1831 1832 22 December Newcastle Application to marry
Application to marry Joseph Jones

129942 Ahern Mary Palambam 1831 1831 - AO NSW Principal Superintendent of convicts. Indents. Fiche No. 698
Housemaid aged 23 from Cork. Sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing clothes. Ruddy,freckled and much pockpitted. Flat nose

101726 Ahern (Jones) Mary Palambam 1831 1833 Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle
Marriage of Joseph Jones aged 31 and Mary Ahern aged 21

28385 Brown Ann Palambam 1831 1836 24 November Maitland SM
Apprehended after absconding from the service of Rev. J. Garven

178217 Brown Ann Palambam 1831 1 April 1837 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 136
Servant from Limerick. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland. Returned to Government service being pregnant. Forwarded to the female factory at Parramatta 5th April 1837

164904 Connor Honora Palambam 1831 December 1832 Newcastle crossed out. Sydney Application to Marry
Samuel Walton age 29 arrived per 'Dick', application to marry Honora Connors age 21 arrived per 'Palambam'

69477 Cremin Mary Palambam 1831 1832 21 November Maitland 1832 GG
Dairymaid and allwork. Convict transferred to George Muir

129941 Cremin Mary Palambam 1831 1831 - AO NSW Principal Superintendent of convicts. Indents. Fiche No. 698
Dairymaid age 27 from Cork. Mother of 1 daughter. Sentenced to transportation for 7 years for stealing clothes

163968 Cremin Mary Palambam 1831 1831832 Hunter River Settler and Convict Lists 1787-1834. Ancestry
Age 27. Assigned to George Sparke

175236 Cremin Mary Palambam 1831 June 1832 Maitland Application to Marry - refused
James Hennessey per Marquis of Lansdown application to marry Mary Cremin per Palambam refused as female already married

15689 Doyle Margaret Palambam 1831 1832 15 November Puen Buen SG
Laundress assigned to John Bingle

69463 Doyle Margaret Palambam 1831 1832 14 November Puen Buen 1832 GG
Laundress assigned to John Bingle

129943 Doyle Margaret Palambam 1831 1831 - AO NSW Principal Superintendent of convicts. Indents. Fiche No. 698
Laundress age 24 from Dublin. Sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a shawl. One previous conviction

182729 Doyle Margaret Palambam 1831 23 February 1833 Invermein Invermein Court of Petty Sessions. Deposition Books 1833 -1834 (Ancestry)
Margaret Doyle per ship Palambam, assigned to John Bingle Esq., charged with drunkenness, gross insolence and neglect of duty. ....John Bingle states - On Wednesday morning last I found the prisoner in one of the huts with four or five of the men and ordered her to the kitchen soon afterwards. I heard her very abusive to Mrs. Bingle. I went into the kitchen and found the prisoner had been drinking. She said she would be buggered if she would do another stroke of work and was otherwise very abusive and said she had done all she intended to do or would do all she wanted was to go to the Factory. She went out of the kitchen. I ordered her back, she said she would not go for me or any one else. I then sent two of the mounted police to take her in charge....The prisoner denies having had any spirits but admits the other part of the charge. The Bench find the prisoner guilty and sentence her to kept in the gaol at Newcastle on solitary confinement on bread and water for 14 days and returned to the service of government

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