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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
115519 - - Janus 1820 1819 Cork Two Voyages to NSW and VDL by Thomas Reid
'The abandoned women became so unmanageable, that it was deemed necessary to require a military guard to keep them in subordination and security

162333 - - Janus 1820 6 May 1820 Port Jackson SG
On Tuesday 2nd May 1820, the Janus arrived from England and Ireland under Captain Mowall, having on board 105 female prisoners and 26 children. She sailed from the Cove of Cork on the 5th December, entered the harbour of Rio the 7th February, and delayed a fortnight. Passengers, the Rev. Philip Connelly and Rec. John Joseph Therry. The death of the Surgeon Superintendent Dr. Creagh, RN occurred when the ship had arrived off Van Diemen's Land

160993 Aikin (Aickin) Ruth Janus 1820 - Newcastle General Muster of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825
Wife of Robert Aikin

173424 Bevan Elizabeth Janus 1820 24 July 1826 Newcastle Application to Marry
Thomas Phillips, 27, per Batavia, application to marry Elizabeth Bevan per Janus

37139 Conolly Rev. Phillip Janus 1820 1822 18 September Newcastle CSI
Permitted to proceed to Newcastle per 'Elizabeth Henrietta'. Roman Catholic Chaplain

63963 Eagen (Eakin) (?Aiken) Ruth Janus 1820 1829 1 August Patrick Plains SG
Obtained ticket of leave

143325 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 1820 16 May - CSI
On list of convicts transhipped from the "Janus" to the "Princess Charlotte" and forwarded to Hobart

143326 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 1821 7 July - CSI
On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per "Mermaid

143327 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 1821 27 December Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners at Newcastle under sentence from the Criminal Court in Van Diemen's Land

143328 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 1826 18 October - SG
Granted Certificate of Freedom

160771 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 20 July 1825 Church of England, Newcastle Church of England Marriage Register Book 1818 - 1825. University of Newcastle
No. 39. Marriage of Thomas Scott to Susannah Gray, both of Newcastle. Witnesses William Turvey and Sara Freeman. (Minister Rev. G.A. Middleton

180938 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 28 June 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Harriet Bray in government service charged with falsely accusations against the constable....James Calvert stated - In consequence of a disturbance at the house of Robert Young (absent in Sydney) I went down and dispersed the parties. The next day Harriett Bray told me that Sarah Freeman declared that I had been drinking in the course of that afternoon with the parties who had caused the disturbance. I went to Sarah Freeman and she told me that it was Harriett Bray who had made the report that I and my constables had been drinking with Samuel Bryant. The prisoner states - I do not know what I say when I am intoxicated. I am sorry for what I said. Sentenced to solitary confinement for 14 days.

181076 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 31 December 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Susan Grey per Broxbornebury and Sarah Freeman per Janus, both in service of government, charged with frequent drunkenness and disorderly conduct and for harbouring and receiving prisoners and other improper characters at their residence at unseasonable hours. The Chief Constable states...the prisoners have frequently come under my notice for some months past for keeping a disorderly house and for harbouring some of the most suspicious characters resorting to Newcastle. These women are in the constant habit of getting drunk and encouraging depredation and I have strong reason to justify that the linen lately stolen from Government House was taken by their connivance if not by their assistance. They are both very bad characters......Samuel Whitney per Glatton, in the service of government charged with having property in his possession knowing it to have been stolen and for frequent drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The Chief Constable states....The prisoner is a very disorderly character, he comes frequently under my notice in a state of intoxication. I searched his box this morning and found a pair of soldiers trousers but I believe he bought them tho it is contrary to orders to purchase anything from the military. I dont think the trousers were stolen. The three prisoners made no defence......Susan Grey, Sarah Freeman and Samuel Whitney were sentenced to Moreton Bay

181534 Freeman Sarah Janus 1820 4 November 1825 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
John Bradley, a constable, and James Wright, Susan Grey and Sarah Freeman in government service all charged with street robbery...John Cadman, Master of the government cutter Mars...last night a little before nine oclock I left Mr. Beatties house on the hill and went to that adjoining. I had been drinking. I followed a woman to the house. I think it was Susan Grey. I had not any previous acquaintance with her. At the house there was another woman (Sarah Freeman). I believe I had some refreshment with them. Shortly after one of them called me outside the house and on my going out a blanket was thrown over my head and I was shift of everything I had on. My watch was also taken from me and about two dollars. I do not know the persons of the men who robbed m. there were at least two of them. I fell in the struggle and I believe lay on the ground a considerable time. The Chief Constable states...last night near midnight, I was going my rounds and found the preceding witness in the street entirely stript of his clothes. He told me he had been robbed and pointed out the house he had come from when he was attacked. The house was nearly opposite where I had found him. I entered the house, I found Susan Grey there, she was intoxicated; Cadman was also intoxicated but was able to tell me in very distinct terms of the robbery. I afterwards found John Bradley in the street after I had left him in the watch house lying on the bed. It was his duty as constable to have been at the watch house. Near the house I found a jacket and that belonging to Cadman. From the whole of Bradleys conduct last night I had a strong suspicion that he was concerned in the outrage. I told him so this morning at the watch house. He and Hogan ( a constable) left the watch house for the purpose of searching for the watch which was not yet forthcoming. They went towards the house where Cadman had been the night before in a short time they returned bringing with them Cadmans watch. James Hogan a constable states - I went with the consent of the chief constable to seek for Cadmans watch. Bradley accompanied me. We went towards the house on the Hill inhabited by Sarah Freeman and Susan Grey on approaching the house I got into a sort of small gully and proceeding along it I turned up the sand with my foot and at last I found the watch which was given to the chief constable. John Mentzlaer stated - I lodge in the skilling of a cottage belonging to Mrs. Pennington an inhabited by Sarah Freeman and Susan Grey and I believe also James Wright lodges in the house. Bradley also was often there. Last night I saw Cadman come to the house. He stayed there a short time, Susan Gray came out of the house and he followed her. I was peeping through the door and could plainly see what was going on, as soon as Cadman came out two men laid hold of hi and Susan Grey went away; the two men who laid hold of him are Wright and Bradley. I know them well. I have known them at Newcastle for upwards of four years. Bradley longer; Wright threw a blanket over Cadmans head and Bradley robbed him; I can swear that Bradley and Wright are the persons who robbed Cadman last night. I did not dare to interfere at the time of the robbery. Wright is a powerful man and between him and Bradley my life would have been in danger, but I considered it my duty to relate what I have here stated to the Chief Constable. Prisoners remanded to be tried at Quarter Sessions. No evidence appearing against Sarah Freeman she is ordered to be discharged. John Bradley dismissed from his situation of constable. - later sent to Port Macquarie for 2 years.

100703 Freeman (Turvey) Sarah Janus 1820 1826 August Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle p3
Marriage of William Turvey of Newcastle, prisoner of the Crown to Sarah Freeman of Newcastle, (Free by Servitude). Witnesses John Broadbent and Elizabeth Hannell

43192 Graham Jane Janus 1820 1821 8 January Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners transportedto Newcastle per 'Prince Leopold'

52747 Graham Jane Janus 1820 1828 Wallis Plains 1828 Census
Free by servitude. Aged 23. Housekeeper to Thomas Boardman

71407 Graham Jane Janus 1820 1830 Maitland Application to marry
Free. Age 32; Application to marry John Reed

173420 Graham Jane Janus 1820 November 1826 Newcastle Application to Marry
Joseph Swales per Calder application to marry Jane Graham per Janus

176587 Graham Jane Janus 1820 1824 Newcastle district Newcastle (Hunter River) Population Book, 1824 - Ancestry
Born c. 1797. Assigned to Thomas Boardman

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