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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
171904 - - Jane Gifford 1841 16 February 1841 Port Jackson SG
The Jane Gifford departed London 2nd October under Captain Mason with 257 emigrants. Surgeon Superintendent Dr. Gordon. Passenger Mr. Staple

171905 Broderick Bridget Jane Gifford 1841 13 February 1841 - State Records Online Shipping List
Dressmaker age 22 from Cork. Emigrant on the Jane Gifford in 1841..

165246 Broderick (Bradley) Bridget Jane Gifford 1841 30 December 1842 West Maitland Application to Marry
Henry Bradley age 28, ticket of leave holder arrived per Mangles, application to marry Bridget Broderick age 22 arrived free per Jane Gifford. Minister Rev. Lynch

172191 Dryden Patrick Jane Gifford 1841 1848 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2017; Roll: 759 Gaol Description Books Ancestry
Born in 1811. 5ft 6in. Stout build, fresh complexion. Admitted to Newcastle gaol

172190 Dryden Patrick, Ellen Jane Gifford 1841 13 February 1841 - State Records Online Shipping List
Patrick Dryden, 32, farm labourer, Ellen Dryen 28, dairy woman, emigrants by the Jane Gifford..

103834 Mainey (Meaney) Edward Jane Gifford 1841 - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Born 1801 Ireland. Spouse Margaret Connors. For more information about descendants see Pioneer Register Entry No. 931

100054 Tully George Jane Gifford 1841 1841 20 February - SG
Passenger on the 'Jane Gifford' thanking surgeon superintendent Charles Gordon for his strict attention and conduct during the voyage to Australia