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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
81057 - - Indian 1810 1810 22 December - SG
Arrival of the convict ship 'Indian'on 16th December fron England. Captain Barclay. 192 male prisoners. Seven prisoners lost on the passage out.

92361 - - Indian 1810 - - The Convict Ships - Charles Bateson
Master And. Barclay; 200 male convicts

27963 Acton Thomas Indian 1810 1820 15 June Newcastle CSI
Sentenced to death. Commuted to life to Newcastle

27964 Acton Thomas Indian 1810 1823 15 September Newcastle CSI
Removed from Newcastle to Port Macquarie

175120 Acton (alias Ogle) Thomas (alias Joseph) Indian 1810 10 March 1810 York The Leeds Mercury
On Tuesday week, was committed to York Castle, Thomas Action, alias Joseph Ogle charged by William Wilks of Wetherby, licensed hawker, Bridget Stephenson and Thomas and William Smith of Sheffield, Constables, with feloniously stealing, taking and carrying away from the warehouse of William Wilks of Wetherby aforesaid, a quantity of linen and woollen cloth, his property. Acton is the eleventh person who has been committed on a charge of being concerned in the robbery at Wetherby

175121 Acton (alias Ogle) Thomas (alias Joseph) Indian 1810 10 March 1810 York The Leeds Mercury
The following is a Calendar of the prisoners who are to take their trials at the assizes for the county of York which commences this day.......{Extract} - Richard Baker, Philip Mason, Ellen Richardson, George Stephenson, Isaac Houseley, Isaac Houseley sen, Joseph Ridge, Flora Hunter Joseph Houseley, Thomas Acton - All charged with having been concerned in the robbery committed upon the premises of William Wilks of Wetherby, licensed Hawker, on the night of the 18th January or with having in their posssession sundry pieces of cotton, linen and woollen goods, the property of the said William Wilks knowing them to be stolen.

28760 Baker Richard Indian 1810 1814 6 April Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle

28761 Baker Richard Indian 1810 1817 10 March Newcastle CSI
Prisoner at Newcastle. Claiming his term of transportation had expired

30044 Beattie Francis Indian 1810 1817 20 November Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per Elizabeth Henrietta

31067 Beattie Francis Indian 1810 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
Free by Servitude. Sheriff's Bailiff

61893 Beattie Francis Indian 1810 1809 23 March - CI
Sentenced to 14 yrs transportation at Lancaster

166955 Beattie Francis Indian 1810 - Perseus Hulk Uk Prison Hulks
Francis Beattie, Charles Booth, John Barker and John Dewhurst sentenced to 14 years transportation for forging notes. Tried Lancaster 23 March 1809. Sent to the Persueus hulk from Lancaster Castle on 23 May 1809 and transferred to the Indian convict ship which departed England on 18 July 1810

148217 Best Anthony Indian 1810 - - The Bicentenary Pioneer Register, Second Edition, Volume 111
Spouse Hannah Blakefield nee Clothier. Issue Samuel b. 1812 at Windsor 2) William Scott b. 1814 at Windsor

156713 Best Anthony Indian 1810 1815 9 December - CSI
On return of horned cattle issued from the Government Herds between 8 May 1814 and 9 Jan 1819; payment for horses

156714 Best Anthony Indian 1810 1821 21 September - CSI
On account of claims against the estate of Annisley Magraw & David Bell

175122 Best Anthony Indian 1810 3 November 1809 Captivity Hulk UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books 1802 - 1849
Age 32. Tried at Beverley on 3 October 1809 and convicted of felony. Admitted to the Captivity hulk on 3 November 1809. Sent to the Indian convict ship on 27 June 1810 for transportation to NSW

176765 Best Anthony Indian 1810 30 May 1826 Sydney Gaol Sydney Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 851 Ancestry
Free. Admitted to Sydney Gaol for receiving stolen property. At Criminal court found guilty and sentenced to 14 years transportation. Sent to the hulk 28 September 1826

32376 Bonham (Boneham) Joseph Indian 1810 1811 11 May Newcastle CSI
Sent to Newcastle

32377 Bonham (Boneham) Joseph Indian 1810 1812 13 August Newcastle CSI
Sentence remitted. Proceeding to Sydney from Newcastle

61183 Bonham (Boneham) Joseph Indian 1810 1811 4 May - SG
Servant to John Thomas Campbell in Sydney. Sentenced to 2 yrs hard labour in Newcastle for repeatedly robbing his master

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