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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
103152 - - Duchess of Northumberland 1835 1835 19 March - SG
Correspondence to the Editor of the Sydney Gazette re the girls of the 'Duchess of Northumberland' - described industrious and happy to be in the colony.

103153 - - Duchess of Northumberland 1835 1835 3 March Sydney SG
Respectable and healthy appearance of the female emigrants by the Duchess of Northumberland from Dublin and cork. Useful and interesting set of young women well adapted to the wants of the Colony. Highest commendations of their conduct by the commander of the vessel

172074 - - Duchess of Northumberland 1835 2 March 1835 Port Jackson SH
The Duchess of Northumberland has arrived in the harbour with 249 young female emigrants from the counties of Dublin and Cork. Captain Jobbing and the gentleman who has been entrusted with their superintendence speak in the highest terms of the character of these girls during the voyage and most of them as in the case of those by the Red Rover, having testimonials of good conduct acquired in their native country. These girls have been gathered from the country parts of Ireland and principally consist of farm servants with a few house maids nurserymaids and dress makers.

172077 - - Duchess of Northumberland 1835 2 March 1835 - SH
The Duchess of Northumberland depart Cork on 19th October with 249 female emigrants under the superintendence of Dr. James Eckford. Arrived in Port Jackson late February

103151 Lynum Elizabeth Duchess of Northumberland 1835 - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Born 1819. Spouse James Callaghan. For more information see Pioneer Register Entry No. 175