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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
104015 - - Andromache 1837 1837 2 November Sydney SG
Departed Plymouth 10th July. 468 tons. Captain Thomas New. 212 emigrants including cabin passengers - Patrick Gammie,80th regt surgeon; Rev. W. Sowerby & family; Rev. William Stack & Miss Stack; Rev. Joseph Walpoe & family; Mrs. Marcus Macerbury, Messrs Henry Fowler, John Wilson and John Hewitt.

115593 - - Andromache 1837 1837 Plymouth to Sydney Immigrant Diaries held in the Manuscript Collection, National Library of Australia
Diary of Rev. J. Kidd Walpole on the voyage from Plymouth to Sydney

171109 - - Andromache 1837 1 November 1837 Sydney Sydney Monitor
Arrival of the Andromache, New, master from Gravesend 28th June and Plymouth, July. Passengers P. Gammie, Esq., R.N. Surgeon Superintendent; Rev. W. Sowerby, Mrs. Sowerby and two children, Rev. W. Stack, Rev. Joseph Walpole, Mrs. Walpole and one child; Mrs. M. Mocarty, Mr. H. fowler, Mr. J. Wilson, Mr J. Hewett and 198 in the Steerage

172096 Kilpatrick William Andromache 1837 30 August 1851 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2009; Roll: 757. Gaol Entrance Books. Ancestry
Shepherd from Kings County. Came free. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Paterson. Sentenced to 2 months confinement

133043 Kilpatrick William Samuel Andromache 1837 - New Freugh Singleton Pioneer Register p. 53
Born 1813 Surinam Guinana, son of Samuel William Kilpatrick of 64th regt., and Bridget Maloney. Spouse Mary Anne Dowling. See Pioneer Register for details of descendants

184096 Stack Rev. William Andromache 1837 31 October 1837 Port Jackson New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1826-1922
Rev. William Stack and Miss Stack cabin passengers on the Andromache from Plymouth to Port Jackson. The Adnromache departed Plymouth 1st July 1837 and arrived 31 October 1837. A total of 212 emigrants including the cabin passengers arrived on the Andromache. Other cabin passengers included Patrick Gammie, 80th reg surgeon, Rev. William Sowerby, Mrs. Sowerby and two children, Rev. Joseph Walpole, Mrs. Walpole and one child, Mr. Marcas Macartacy, Mr. Henry Fowler, Mr. John Wilson and Mr. John Hewitt

84899 Stack Reverend William Andromache 1837 1837 31 October - SH
Arrived with wife Martha in Sydney