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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
171901 - - Alfred 1841 21 January 1841 Port Jackson Australasian Chronicle
Sailed from Plymouth 7 September and the Cape 1st December with emigrants and merchandise. Captain Eastmore. Passengers Mr and Mrs. A. Fitzgerald and family, Mr and Mrs. A. Fitzgerald Crawford, Miss Crawford, Messrs T and R.A. Crawford, Miss Harnett, Messrs J and R. Macedonald, Messrs H and J. Baker, Mr. Bennett, Dr. Cartwright, surgeon and Mrs. Cartwright. Intermediate Mr and Mrs .Cook and family, Miss Martha Cook, Messrs E and W. Cook, Fisher, Baker and Hayman

122055 Crawford Alexander Fitzgerald Alfred 1841 1841 21 January Port Jackson SG
Passenger on the 'Alfred' from London

122056 Crawford Mr & Mrs. Thomas Alfred 1841 1841 21 January Port Jackson SG
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Crawford and child passengers on the 'Alfred' from London

122054 Fitzgerald Robert A Alfred 1841 1841 21 January Port Jackson SG
Robert Fitzgerald and family passengers on the 'Alfred' from London. Arrived 19th January

133833 McDouall John Chrichton Stuart Alfred 1841 - New Freugh, Whittingham Singleton Pioneer Register p. 57
Born 1818 Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Lincs., England, son of William McDouall and Euphemia Gaudin. Spouse 1. Ellen Maria Fitzgerald. Spouse 2. Susan Mary Hartigan. J.C.S. McDouall purchased 'New Freugh' from J.S. Ferriter in 1844. It was previously called 'Drayton Estate'

122057 McDouall Messrs John and Rawdon Alfred 1841 1841 21 January Port Jackson SG
Passengers on the 'Alfred' from London