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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
115915 - - Woodman 1823 1823 3 July Port Jackson SG
Arrived from Ireland via Rio de Janiero on Wednesday 25th June bringing 94 female convicts in good health, together with 8 children. 38 free passengers came by the Woodman, mostly for VDL. Captain Ford

162844 - - Woodman 1823 29 July 122 - 20 June 1824 - National Archives
Surgeon George Fairfowl's Medical Journal for the convict ship Woodman.

176783 Byrne Margaret Woodman 1823 5 January 1828 Sydney gaol Sydney Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 851 Ancestry
Sent to Sydney gaol from Wallis Plains for drunkenness and outrageous conduct. Sent to the 3rd class factory at parramatta for six months

43565 Connor Thomas Woodman 1823 1828 Patrick Plains 1828 Census
Aged 42. Carpenter. Employed by John Blaxland

75364 Cridland (Credland) Eliza Woodman 1823 1828 Botany GRC
Age 22.

71411 Duffy Elizabeth Woodman 1823 1830 22 May Newcastle Application to marry
33 yrs of age. Application to marry John Needham

147563 Fannin (alias Duffy) Elizabeth Woodman 1823 1823 28 June - CSI
Requested as an assigned servant to Mr Jacob (Reel 6058; 4/1771 p.356)

147564 Fannin (alias Duffy) Elizabeth Woodman 1823 1825 - CSI
Servant of Anne Jacob. Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3248; 4/1874 p.113)

177821 Fanning (Duffy) Elizabeth Woodman 1823 1823 - Colonial Secretary s Correspondence Fiche 3231; 4/1869 p.61
Petition of Patrick Fannng to live with his wife- Petitioner was charged with breaking open a box in a public house while there drinking and for which he received sentence of transportation for seven years along with his wife Elizabeth Fanning alias Duffy who also shares the same fate with him, she having left the Cove of Cork in the Woodman in January last. Petitioner hoping for His Excellency s permission to permit them to live together and with greatest respect refers him to surgeon superintendent Peter Cunningham who would vouch for him

46116 Hart Mary Woodman 1823 1823 4 October Hunter River CSI
On list of convicts employed by J.L. Platt of Hunter River

180979 Hart Mary Woodman 1823 23 August 1824 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825 (Ancestry)
Mary Hart per Woodman and Thomas Collins per Almorah, prisoners in the service of John Laurio Platt.....Mr. Platt states that sometime since I lost a telescope, the one now before the court, that I suspected the prisoners of being concerning in the robbery of which he gave notice at the Police Office . William Turvey, a constable states the he was order to convey Mary Hart to the gaol on suspicion of robbing her master; On the road I told her she had better let me know what had become of the glass. She said if I would return she would tell the Chief Constable. I returned with her when she told him in my presence that she has taken the glass from her masters house and given it to Collins who had hit it, but she could not tell where; Soon after I took Collins into custody who undertook to show me where the Glass was. I accompanied him to Iron Bark Hill, Mr. Platts farm and a short distance from Mr. Platts house Collins stopped and said the Glass is concealed hereabouts. I searched about and soon found a glass buried in the ground. It is the one now before the court. The prisoners made no defence. Both prisoners sentenced to Port Macquarie for the remainder of the respective sentences

155909 Keenan (Thompson) Grace Woodman 1823 1828 March of Wallis Plains Application to Marry
David Thompson per 'Indian' application to marry Grace Keenan per 'Woodman'

170610 Kelly Ann Woodman 1823 1825 Newcastle New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters. Class: HO 10; Piece: 19
Born c. 1799. Wife of Patrick Kelly of Newcastle

183867 KIrby Honora Woodman 1823 1822 Co. Clare Convict Indents. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 1156; Item: [X41]. Ancestry
Honora Kirby, tried at Summer Assizes Co. Clare 1822 for sheep stealing. Sentenced to transportation for life

183870 Kirby Honora Woodman 1823 10 February 1823 On board the Woodman Medical Journal of George Fairfowl. The National Archives of the UK (TNA); Reference Number: ADM 101/75/6
Honora Kirby, aged 36. Of full habit. Violent pain in her side, cough and dyspnoea, much anxiety and depression of spirits and unquenchable thirst. Pulse 100, full and strong, face flushed. Complaint may fairly be attributed to the wet state of the prison of late. Bor the bleeding well and felt immediate relief but fained when the bandage was slackened. Has still some pain remaining. Cough easier. Recovered 16 February 1823

183866 Kirby Honorah Woodman 1823 8 February 1837 Newcastle Gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book - State Archives NSW; Roll: 136
Honorah Kirby, servant from Clare. Ticket of Leave holder. Admitted to Newastle gaol from Maitland. Sentenced to 21 days solitary confinement and to be returned to her husband.

183868 Kirby Honorah Woodman 1823 10 September 1824 Sydney Colonial Secretarys Papers. Special Bundles 1794 - 1825
Honorah Kirby per Woodman assigned to John Cheers at Philip Street, Sydney

183869 Kirby Honorah Woodman 1823 26 July 1834 - Ticket of Leave butts. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12202; Item: [4/4095]
Granted Ticket of Leave for the district of Evan

183871 Kirby (Picket) Honora Woodman 1823 24 May 1828 Sydney Applications to Marry
William Picket aged 43 arrived per Prince Regent, application to marry Honora Kirby, arrived per Woodman. Granted

176683 Lane Joanna Woodman 1823 1824 Newcastle district Newcastle (Hunter River) Population Book, 1824 - Ancestry
Born c. 1798. Assigned servant to Richard Binder. Daughter Mary Ann b. 1818 residing with her

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