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Item: 92189
Surname: -
First Name: -
Ship: Sugar Cane 1793
Date: 1793
Place: -
Source: The Convict Ships - Charles Bateson
Details: Master T. Musgrave; Surgeon D.W. Bell; 110 male convicts; 50 female convicts

Item: 130698
Surname: Anderson
First Name: Thomas
Ship: Sugar Cane 1793
Date: 1812 19 November
Place: -
Source: Colonial Secretary's Correspondence
Details: Sarah May, Thomas Anderson, Edward Williams, William Tucker, Daniel Thurston and Charles Clarke on a list of convicts to be sent to Newcastle penal settlement on the Estramina

Item: 77359
Surname: Brady
First Name: Daniel
Ship: Sugar Cane 1793
Date: 1810 23 January
Place: -
Source: CSL 6003 4/3490A p23-5
Details: Returned to Coal River on the 'Speedwell' as he had been liberated by mistake

Item: 168034
Surname: Dwyer
First Name: Philip
Ship: Sugar Cane 1793
Date: 1 April 1804
Place: Sydney
Source: SG
Details: Joseph Brayley apprehended at Kissing Point upon a violent suspicion of burglary was examined and as the evidence though strongly presumptive was not thought sufficient to continue the grounds of prosecution, he was drafted for Newcastle as was Philip Dwyer also, for violently and inhumanely beating Mary Carroll