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Item: 92663
Surname: Julia (Julie) (Paya) (Pava)
First Name: Paya (Julia)
Ship: Regia 1838
Date: 1839 26 August
Place: Williams River
Source: CDR
Details: Killed by a tree. Burial date

Item: 11509
Surname: Marmite
First Name: Paul
Ship: Regia 1838
Date: 1844 27 April
Place: Maitland
Source: MM
Details: Obtained ticket of Leave

Item: 165046
Surname: McGee
First Name: Thomas
Ship: Regia 1838
Date: 16 June 1841
Place: Scone
Source: Application to Marry
Details: Thomas McGee age 34 arrived per 'Regia', application to marry Sarah Hill age 29 arrived per 'Planter'

Item: 117615
Surname: Pava
First Name: Julia
Ship: Regia 1838
Date: 1839 17 April
Place: Newcastle gaol
Source: GG 1839
Details: House servant aged 22 from Madagascar. 5'4", black complexion, black hair, black eyes, 2 small moles left cheek, lost two front upper teeth. Absconded from Newcastle gaol 12 April