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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5595 Hart John Marquis of Huntley 1830 1833 November Patrick Plains R v Hitchcock - SC
Assigned to Mr. Larnach 1830

7062 Hart John Marquis of Huntley 1830 1837 Patrick Plains GRC
Assigned to John Larnach

40921 Hart John Marquis of Huntley 1830 1836 15 October Patrick Plains SG
Obtained ticket of leave

94373 Hart John Marquis of Huntley 1830 November 1833 - History of the Colonies
Witness at the trial of Hitchcock and other Castle Forbes prisoners - John Hart, being sworn, saidó1 am an assigned servant to Mr. Lamack, at Castle Forbes. I saw all the prisoners at the bar at Castle Forbes on the 5th November last. They rushed into the house, and took three guns out of it. I did not see them charged the last time, but I have on former occasions seen them loaded with small bird shot. I never saw them charged with buck shot. I heard Riley say to Mrs. Larnach, they were going down the river to settle her husband. Neither of the other prisoners were present at the time. I heard one of the party say they would bring in Larnach's head, and stick it on a chimney. They were three quarters of an hour on the premises, and when they went away they locked up every one in a store. In about twenty minutes after they had gone, I heard the report of a gun. It appeared to be at some distance. Cross-examined by Mr. Nicholsó1 heard only one gun, does not know in what direction, does not know whether the guns were loaded when taken by the prisoners.

158681 Hart John Marquis of Huntley 1830 1834 Maitland Australian Marriages - FamilySearch Historical Records
John Hart per 'Marquis of Huntley' application to marry Mary Smith per 'Pyramus'