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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5589 Sawyer John John 1827 1833 November Patrick Plains R v Hitchcock - SC
Previously assigned to Dr. Rutherford. Washing sheep in river at Castle Forbes when bushrangers tried to shoot Larnoch

29273 Sawyer John John 1827 1834 19 July Patrick Plains SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

94382 Sawyer John John 1827 November 1833 Castle Forbes History of the Colonies
John Sawyer, being sworn, deposed—I am a Crown prisoner. I was assigned to Dr. Rutherford who has gone to Europe. I do not know whether I am lent or transferred to Major Mudie. I was sheep-washing at Castle Forbes on the 5th November. I was in the water. I saw five men coming towards our party, there might have been more, the prisoners Hitchcock, Poole, Riley, and Perry were there. The other man I did not know. The first I saw was Hitchcock, getting over the fence, on the top of the bank, he had a gun in his hand, he said to Mr. Larnach, ' Come out of that, you villain, and stand back, you men;' Mr. L. jumped into the river among the washers. Hitchcock levelled his gun at Mr. L. and fired, he then swung his hand in a great passion, and said to the washers, 'Why did not you get out of the way?' Poole next presented his piece at Mr. L. and fired from the fence, saying, 'You villain, I'll make you remember your flogging, I will, you tyrant' Riley said to one of the washers, nick-named Darby, ' I've a good mind to come down and blow out your brains, I have, you villain' Mr. L. was moving on towards the other side of the river. I did not see the third shot fired, but it took place immediately after the second. I did not know whether there was any shot in the guns. When going away, Riley said that any person who should move up the bank for the space of two hours would have his brains blown out. I neither saw Jones nor Ryan. It was a high bank on which the prisoners were. I could sec them plainly from where I stood, which was close to the water's edge. There was a fence on the top of the bank. Cross-examined by Mr. Therry—Hitchcock was fifty yards from Mr. Larnach when he fired. It might be a little more. I would not believe a man saying it was only ten yards. I cannot say whether there was any shot in the gun, I did understand what the prisoners meant by flogging. There was nothing to hinder them if they had liked to follow Mr. Larnach over the river. I have not a ticket of leave, I am a ploughman.

175956 Sawyer John John 1827 17 October 1835 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 136
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Patrick Plains. Sentenced to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour. Discharged 15 January 1836