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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
5672 Bowen Edward John 1827 1831 12 January Liverpool Plains R v Bowen, Westbury, Mason, Duffy, Browne, Donnell
Indicted for stealing from the house of John Rotten. Sentenced to death

13952 Bowen Edward John 1827 1831 11 January Liverpool Plains SG
Accused of robbing John Rotton and Hugh Cameron. Arrested by Sargeant Quigley. Found guilty and sentenced to death

63996 Bowen Edward John 1827 1829 1 September Port Stephens SG
With John Eckersley found not guilty of burglariously entering a house belonging to A.A. company

64030 Bowen Edward John 1827 1829 1 October Port Stephens SG
Absconded from A. A. Company. Aged 24. Farmer's servant from Heredfordshire; 5' 3 1/2"; grey eyes; black hair, sallow pockpitted complexion

162480 Bowen Edward John 1827 25 November 1827.... - AO NSW Convict Indent Fiche No. 668
Age 22. Farm servant from Hereford. Tried at Shrewsbury 22 March 1827 and sentenced to transportation for Life for house breaking. Assigned to the Australian Agricultural Company on arrival

165251 Bowen Edward John 1827 5 May 1827 Justitia Hulk UK Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books. Ancestry
Age 21. Tried at Shrewsbury Assizes on 22 March 1827 and sentenced to transportation for life for housebreaking. Admitted to the hulk Justitia on 5 May 1827 and transferred to the convict ship John on 5th July for transportation to New South Wales

176787 Bowen Edward John 1827 1 May 1828 Sydney Gaol Sydney Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW; Roll: 851 Ancestry
Edward Bowen and Thomas Browne admitted to Sydney gaol from Port Stephens for house robbery. Ordered to be returned to Port Stephens to be dealt with by the Magistrates. Sent 19th February 1829