Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
30380 Pell George Hillsborough 1799 1813 20 May Paterson's Plains CSI
Landholder. Permitted to proceed to Sydney to settle farming affairs

30381 Pell George Hillsborough 1799 1815 Newcastle CSI
Drowned with Catherine Flynn, Daniel Brown, William Gudgeon in a boating mishap

61432 Pell George Hillsborough 1799 1815 29 July Newcastle SG
Settler. Drowned in a boating accident

71594 Pell George Hillsborough 1799 1814 7 August Newcastle CSI
George Perry per 'Admiral Gambier' assigned servant

77158 Pell George Hillsborough 1799 17 June 1804 Sydney SG
Sent to the gaol gang under suspicion of having aided and abetted a criminal

164945 Pell George Hillsborough 1799 12 July 1797 Bethnal Green road The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
GEORGE PELL was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling-house of Thomas Meredith , about the hour of ten in the night of the 2d of June , and burglariously stealing therein, two men's coats, value 2s. a cotton gown, value 5s. six linen frocks, value 2s. a linen cap, value 6d. a linen apron, value 6d. two linen handkerchiefs, value 1s. a silk bonnet, value 6d. a silk cloak value 1s. a hat, value 6d. a mahogany tea-chest, value 6d. a brass pistol, value 1s. an iron pistol, value 6d. three flannel petticoats, value 6d. two calimanco petticoats, value 3d. a silk handkerchief, value 6d. the property of the said Thomas; three cotton gowns, value 5s. and a linen petticoat, value 1s. the property of Harriot Hill . Found guilty and sentenced to death. Age 24