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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
47044 Jones David Guildford 1829 1831 1 September - SG
Butcher aged 22 from Drogheda. 5'4". Absconded from service of A.B. Sparke

97783 Jones David Guildford 1829 1831 4 September Maitland NGE
Butcher from Dublin. Admitted to Newcastle gaol 4 September. To be forwarded to Maitland bench to be dealt with for absconding from A.B. Sparke

162444 Jones David Guildford 1829 16 November 1833 Castle Forbes SG
Age 24. Butcher from Drogheda. 5ft 4in, ruddy freckled complexion, brown hair, light brown eyes, large scar between the eyes, scar on left eyebrow, large scar outside upper part of left arm, and was dressed in white shirt, white trousers, duck frock and straw hat. Absconded from Castle Forbes in company with John Poole, Anthony Hitchcock, James Reilly, John Perry and James Ryan after committing various outrages and taking with them silver plate, guns, muskets, horses and wearing apparel. 70 pound reward offered for apprehension

176179 Jones David Guildford 1829 4 February 1834 Sydney Sydney Monitor
Patrick Crinnane s evidence in the trial of the Castle Forbes convict uprising....David Jones was a sulky stubborn fellow, but a good working man. He was not treated severely, he had easy treatment, extra rations, tea and sugar