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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
92368 - - Fortune 1813 - - The Convict Ships - Charles Bateson
Master Thomas Walker; 201 male convicts

103484 - - Fortune 1813 1813 12 June Sydney SG
Arrived on the ship Fortune, Captain Walker with 196 male prisoners in a healthy state. On the passage 2 died - John Birnie and William Miles and 2 others drowned Thomas Simpson and John Payne. A soldier Michael Dwyer, who was accidentally shot in the leg also died after suffering amputation of the limb. The Fortune departed England 13th December sailing via Rio

160821 Babington Thomas Fortune 1813 14 October 1822 Newcastle Church of England Burials Register Book 1821 - 1825 - University of Newcastle
Died aged 32

111420 Barney Philip Fortune 1813 1819 29 January Windsor CSI
Re permission to marry at Windsor

111419 Barney (Barnard) Philip Fortune 1813 1835 4 February Newcastle gaol NGE
Brickmaker from Brussels. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Pat. Plains under sentence of 1 month in the cells

31414 Blagrave James Fortune 1813 1819 11 May Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners sent to Newcastle per Elizabeth Henrietta

182057 Brian (Bryant) Samuel Fortune 1813 1823 - Colonial Secretarys Correspondence. Fiche 3230; 4/1869 p.13
Petition of Samuel Brian (Bryant).....Petitioner is a Hacannack tanner and currier and arrived in this colony by the ship Fortune, Walker Master. Petitioner is a prisoner under sentence of transportation for the term of natural life and eleven years has nearly elapsed since that awful sentence was pronounces against petitioner; and since his arrival in this colony has been in government employment. Petitioner had the misfortune to be sent to this settlement for three years which sentence is nearly expired. But as it has been the first crime or misdemeanour petitioner has never been charged with since his arrival in this colony, petitioner is therefore emboldened most humbly to throw himself on your Excellencies humanity for the indulgence of a ticket of leave as petitioner can procure a comfortable living by honest industry in this settlement or which any other indulgence your excellency is please to grant.

30384 Brown Daniel Fortune 1813 24 July 1815 Newcastle CSI
Drowned with Catherine Flynn, George Pell and William Gudgeon after a boating accident

34174 Brown Daniel Fortune 1813 1814 6 April Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle

61429 Brown Daniel Fortune 1813 1815 29 July Newcastle SG
Baker. Drowned in a boating accident on the Hunter river

168852 Brown Daniel Fortune 1813 1813 - State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Title: Bound manuscript indents, 1788-1842; Item: [4/4004]; Microfiche: 634.(Ancestry)
Tried. Middlesex gaol delivery 8 April 1812 and sentenced to transportation for life. Native place Northampton. Trade bread baker. Age 27

169038 Brown Daniel Fortune 1813 8 April 1812 London The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Daniel Brown age 22, baker, found guilty of feloniously stealing, on the 5th of April , a gelding, value 16 l. the property of Joseph Robson. Sentence of death with a recommendation of mercy on account of his age. Daniel Brown's sister Jane Satchell whose husband was a butcher in Northamptonshire was a witness at the trial. On the same day Daniel Brown and his brother Henry Brown were indicted for stealing a marble slab and a mahogany stand. Daniel Brown was found guilty of grand larceny. Henry Brown found not guilty.

169039 Brown Daniel Fortune 1813 31 July 1812 Portsmouth National Archives Home Office: Convict Prison Hulks: Registers and Letter Books; Class: HO9; Piece: 8. UK, Prison Hulk Registers and Letter Books, 1802-1849.
Age 22. Tried Middlesex 8th April 1812 and sentenced to transportation for life. Received onto the Perseus hulk from Newgate prison on 31st July 1812. For transportation on the Fortune convict ship.

16050 Brown George Fortune 1813 1823 2 January Newcastle SG
Absconded from service

62727 Brown George Fortune 1813 1825 7 July Newcastle SG
Aged 34; native place Venice; 5' 7 1/2

115066 Brown George Fortune 1813 1824 5 August Newcastle SG
Absconded from Newcastle Penal Settlement

34192 Brown John Fortune 1813 1816 23 March Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per Lady Nelson

166616 Browne Johanna (?John) Fortune 1813 1st to 30 April 1823 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly return of Corporal Punishments
Sentenced to 50 lashes for theft on board the ship Princess Charlotte

34237 Bryant Samuel Fortune 1813 1820 28 August Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners sent to Newcastle per Lady Nelson

34238 Bryant Samuel Fortune 1813 1824 June/ July Newcastle CSI
Assigned to Government. Sentenced to 50 lashes for leaving his gang in the hours of public labour and general misconduct

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