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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
115894 - - England 1826 1826 England The London Encyclopaedia
The Convict Ship 'England' visited by phrenologist Mr. Deville. Examined each of the 148 convicts and gave a memorandum of the inferred character of each individual, and of the manner in which the propensities were likely to manifest themselves. The most desperate convicts were pointed out and in particular Robert Hughes noted to be dangerous.

120261 - - England 1826 1826 20 September Port Jackson SG
Arrived Monday 18th September from London having departed 6th May. Captain Reay and 148 male prisoners who arrived in good health. The Surgeon Superintendent Dr. Thomson RN. Guard comprised a detachment of the 39th regt under orders of Major D'arcy. Mrs. D'arcy and family and Mrs. Reay passengers

117487 Allen James England 1826 1832 25 September Williams River SG
Sentenced to 25 lashes for absconding from service of George Mossman. Stated in court that he had been 'milled, celled, flogged and iron-ganged' and that he refused to return to the Williams River as he was afraid of being eaten by the blacks

178576 Allen James England 1826 24 November 1832 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 134
Bootcloser from London. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Paterson Plains. Sentenced to 12 months in an iron gang and return to his master

178577 Allen James England 1826 1826 - Convict Indents. State Archives NSW. Microfiche 661
Age 18. Reads and writes. Native place London. Tried 10 April 1826 in London and sentenced to transportation for life for stealing a handkerchief.

52568 Baker John England 1826 1831 22 November Patrick Plains SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

76639 Barlow (Barton) Richard England 1826 1830 13 October Darlington CDR
Drowned on 13 October 1830

169803 Barton Richard England 1826 - - State Archives NSW Bound Indents Microfiche: 661 (Ancestry)
Age 23. Tailor from Cumberland. Tried in Edinburgh and sentenced to transportation for life for stealing clothes. Drowned 13 October 1830 in attempting to cross a brook at Mr. Glennie's farm.

13807 Brown William England 1826 1832 14 June Maitland SG
Baker. Assigned to James Cox

175198 Brown William England 1826 9 September 1851 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Gaol Entrance Book, Roll: 757. Ancestry
Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland. Sentenced to 1 month hard labour for being an idle and disorderly person

182678 Brown William England 1826 9 February 1833 Invermein Invermein Court of Petty Sessions. Deposition Books 1833 -1834 (Ancestry)
William Brown per ship England, assigned to Major Druitt, charged with bushranging. John Temple, sergeant of the Mounted Police states - I apprehended the prisoner on Baldwins Creek at Liverpool Plains on the 5th instant. He had previously been apprehended by his overseer but got away from him. .....The prisoner states in his defence that he is free and when he went to his master near Penrith and made application for his Certificate he was told there was a Colonial Sentence recorded against him of 3 years which conviction not having been passed on him he considered it unjust and ran away.....The Bench find him guilty and direct him to be forwarded to the Principal Supt. of Convicts Office to be identified and dealt with

16806 Bull James England 1826 1845 10 May Newcastle MM
Obtained ticket of leave

180131 Bull James England 1826 7 June 1845 Newcastle Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions Letter Book
Letter 45/72. Application from Mr. Croasdill, agent of William Denne of New England for a 12 month passport in favour f James Bull

34894 Campbell David England 1826 1836 March Paterson SG
Obtained Ticket of Leave

86679 Campbell David England 1826 1839 30 July Paterson CDR

139052 Campbell David England 1826 1837 Paterson GRC
Age 40. Ticket of leave holder

130997 Chapman Thomas England 1826 1837 12 July Merton GG
Stockinger age 32 from Leicester, 5 ft 6 in, ruddy complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, scar along right side of nose. Absconded from J. Pagan 27 June

103209 Chick (Sculthorpe) (Quantock) George Henry England 1826 - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
Born 1809. For more information about descendants see Pioneer Register Entry No. 214

34066 Clayton William England 1826 1828 Merton 1828 Census
Scourger aged 44. Employed by W. Ogilvie

58491 Clayton William England 1826 1835 13 June Merton SG
Obtained ticket of leave

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