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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
164431 Macnamara (Frank the Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 7 September 1861 Mudgee Maitland Mercury
MUDGEE. (from the Western Post, August 31.) Sudden Death.—An inquest was held on the 30th,before the coroner for the district, on the body of Francis McNamara, better known as "Frank the Poet." It appeared that McNamara was a digger at Pipe Clay Creek. He had lately complained of a pain in the shoulder, and had been spitting blood. The medical evidence was to the effect that he had died from cold and inanition ; and they returned a verdict according to that evidence

164432 Macnamara (Frank the Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 8 September 1853 Tambaroora SMH
TAMBAROORA. Upwards of a hundred diggers are scattered. Amongst these are Bush and Newman's party, formerly of Dirt Hole Creek, where they netted 70 and 30 ozs. of gold a short time ago, in two consecutive weeks, and a party of Ger-mans, who have commenced sluicing with very fair success, the former being supplied with 300yards of hose for the purpose. A local celebrity, who answers to the cognomen of Frank the poet, has added his physical and poetical strength to the former, where his bones and sinews are likely to be of more service than his brains.

164433 Macnamara (Frank the Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1 January 1892 - Launceston Examiner
The Victoria Museum and Art Gallery - The loan exhibits have been added to by Mr Wm. Illingworth sending a portrait of Paganini, the famous Italian violinist, and a pair of beautiful white hawks in cases; and Mr Cheesman, Wellington-street, sends a specimen of pen and ink drawing and writing done by Frank the Poet formerly a well known local character

164434 Macnamara (Frank the Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 2 June 1842 Razorback SG
Capture of Bushrangers. About ten o'clock, on the night of the 30thultimo, Sergt. Michael Doyle, and two troopers of the Mounted Police, fell in with a party of five armed bushrangers, at the foot of Razor-back, and succeeded in apprehending them, The bushrangers are the same parties who escaped from the constables on the 25th ultimo, on the road between Berrima and Campbell-town. The police found in their possession the carbines which they took from the constables at the time of escape. They are now safely lodged in the gaol at Campbelltown. Their names are —Francis McNamara, per Eliza; John Jones, per Lady Macnaughton ; Edward Allen, per Asia ; William Thomson, per do ;William Eastwood, per Patriot. The bravery and indefatigable zeal which Sergeant Doyle has at all times evinced in his pursuit of, and encounters with, bushrangers, strongly entitle him, not only to pecuniary remuneration from Government, but, in our opinion, to the con-sideration of his Commanding Officer, Major Nunn, Doyle has, for a number of years, been the terror of the Southern bushrangers, and perhaps there is not another in the colony, who is better acquainted with the fastnesses to which, on being hotly pursued, these villains retire. He has scarcely ever been foiled in his pursuit of the bushrangers on his skirmishes with them, and his scent is said to be most unerring. We are astonished that the settlers of the southern counties do not confer some public mark of their approbation upon Doyle, whose perseverance and activity cannot but be well known to them

164435 Macnamara (Frank the Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1 June 1842 Razorback SH
CAMPBELLTOWN. On Thursday the 26th instant, as ten prisoners on their route from Berrima to Picton under warrants to be forwarded to Sydney for various charges, five of them effected their escape from the two constables in charge by securing them and depriving them of their arms, and afterwards handcuffed them to a tree, where they remained a short time, the other five prisoners gave themselves up to the proper authorities. The escape of those five ruffians has caused a great deal of excitement in this district, so much so, that the police have been on the look out for them on all the roads leading to the capital. But fortunately for the peace of this and the adjacent districts, Sergeant Doyle, formerly of Her Majesty's 17th Regt, and two Troopers of the Mounted Police, who passed through here on Sunday, succeeded in capturing them at the bottom of Razorback near Cawdor, on this morning atone o'clock a m, having with them at the time, the arms taken from the constables. They are now safely lodged in Campbelltown jail. I have not heard the whole of the particulars connected with their capture but from what I can learn Sergeant Doyle and his party merit a great deal of credit. The whole of the five prisoners have acknowledged them- selves to be prisoners illegally at large. I have just learned the following particulars off the capture of these men :—Last night, about ten o'clock, Serjeant Michael Doyle, and Troopers Willmott and Neale, fell in with them and captured them, although they had the constables' arms. Their names are Francis Macnamara per Eliza, J. Jones per Lady Feversham, Edwin Allen per Asia, William Eastwood per Patriot, and William Thompson per Asia. Of course the residents in this district are highly gratified that this gang of scoundrels have been captured before they had committed any depredations. Doyle is a very meritorious officer and has always been very successful in the pursuit of these bushrangers

37354 MacNamara (Frank the Poet) Francis Razorback Eliza 1832 - - -
Poems included 'A Petition from the Australian Agricultural Company's Flocks at Peel's River on Behalf of the Irish Bard' and 'For the Company Under Ground' The Convict's Tour of Hell', The Cyprus Brig' and 'Moreton Bay'

15608 McNamara (Macnamara) (Frank The Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1838 Stroud and Peel River Australian Dictionary of Biography Online
Poet. Assigned to Australian Agricultural Company

113076 McNamara (Macnamara) (Frank The Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1837 Sydney GRC
Aged 28. Assigned to the Hulk Phoenix

119678 McNamara (Macnamara) (Frank The Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1839 30 October Newcastle GG
Miner aged 28 from Wicklow. 5' 4 3/4, ruddy complexion, light brown hair, grey eyes, scar outer corner right eye, features broad and full. Absconded from the boat's crew 25th October

119738 McNamara (Macnamara) (Frank The Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1839 13 November Newcastle GG
Apprehended after absconding from the Boat's crew at Newcastle

119743 McNamara (Macnamara) (Frank The Poet) Francis Eliza 1832 1833 27 June ? SG
Apprehended after absconding from No. 13 road gang