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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
91025 Poole John Claudine 1829 1831 9 February Patrik Plains NGE
Bond. Carpenter from Dublin. Sentenced to 7 days solitary confinement. Assigned to James Mudie at Patrick Plains

94374 Poole John Claudine 1829 - Castle Forbes History of the Colonies
Wrote a letter of complaint to the Principal Superintendent of Convicts re the bad treatment he had received at Castle Forbes. Letter intercepted by John Larnach. Stated provisions on farm were bad and punishment frequent and severe

115638 Poole John Claudine 1829 1833 19 December - SMH
Anthony Hitchcock and John Poole to be forwarded to Newcastle district to be executed there (Executed at Patrick Plains)

158617 Poole John Claudine 1829 1834 10 January Patrick Plains Sydney Monitor
John Poole and Anthony Hitchcock executed on Saturday the 21st December 1833 near to the road which bounds one side of the estate of Castle Forbes, where one of the several outrages had been committed

162441 Poole John Claudine 1829 1829 - AO NSW Convict Indents. Fiche No. 674
Age 18. Reads and writes. Joiner from Dublin. Tried in Lancaster 7 March 1829 and sentenced to transportation for life for house breaking. Two prior convictions. 5ft 5 1/4in, Ruddy freckled complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. Assigned to the establishment at Wellington Valley on arrival

162442 Poole John Claudine 1829 16 November 1833 Patrick Plains SG
Age 22. Joiner from Dublin. 5ft 5 1/2in, ruddy freckled complexion, dark brown hair, blue eyes, fish on left arm, circular mark and sun on back of hand, small scar under left eyebrow. J.P. upper part of right arm, wore white duck trousers and had lately been punished. Absconded from Castle Forbes in company with Anthony Hitchcock, James Reilly, David Jones, John Perry and James Ryan after committing various outrages and taking with them silver plate, guns, muskets, horses and wearing apparel. 70 pound reward offered for apprehension