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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
115889 - - Canada 1817 1817 9 August Port Jackson SG
The 'Canada' arrived on the 5th August from Ireland (departed from Cork 21st March) with 89 female prisoners. and 12 of their children, all of whom arrived in good health. Captain Grigg and passengers Mr and Mrs.Johnson, Mr Henderson and Mr. Abel.

162136 - - Canada 1817 - Ireland National Archives of Ireland
Expressing concern for the fate of eleven children whose mothers were due to sail on the ship Canada in 1817, Robert Harding made much of his arrangement to have the two youngest accepted at the foundling hospital of which he was governor, achieving even that only by what he considered a very circuitous route. The older children could not be got in by any means and so he asked the Chief Secretary for permission to send them with their mothers. There was apparently abundant room on board, as the ship had been chartered for l00 and provided with all kinds of necessities for that number. He believed that not more than 86 or 88 females would be fit to be sent, and probably the surgeon of the Canada will object even to some of these. The Chief Secretary answered that he did not have the power, and that application must be made to the colonial secretary (NAI, CSO OP/1817/932). Nothing appears to have been done about the matter but shortly afterwards the victualling agent asked that they be allowed to sail: I really do not know what is to become of the poor children of the female convicts, as there is no place here to receive them, and they cannot be taken from the prison and thrown in the streets. As there is abundance of room in the ship, a small allowance of porridge would be the only expense to government and it would be a great comfort to the poor women (NAI, CSO OP/1817/932)

163069 Clarke Catherine Canada 1817 1822/23/24 near Newcastle General Muster of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825q
Free by servitude. Wife of Richard Clarke

59938 Kelly Christiana Canada 1817 1828 Wallis Plains 1828 Census
Housekeeper aged 30. Employed by P. Beattie

176682 Kelly Christiana Canada 1817 1824 Newcastle district Newcastle (Hunter River) Population Book, 1824 - Ancestry
Born c. 1796. Free by servitude. Possibly employed by Mr. Baldwin. Certificate stolen by a person named Purcell

177182 Kenna Ann Canada 1817 1817 - Convict Indents. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Item: [4/4005]; Microfiche: 637
Ann Kenna, tried in Cork City September 1816 and sentenced to 7 years transportation. Occupation servant. Age 16

177184 Kenna Ann Canada 1817 1817 - Convict Indents. State Archives NSW; Series: NRS 12188; Item: [4/4005]; Microfiche: 637
County servant age 23. Tried County Donegal March 1816 and sentenced to 7 years transportation

177181 Kenna Elizabeth Canada 1817 28 December 1825 - CSI. (Reel 6016; 4/3516 p.254)
Enquiry to Mrs Fulloon, Superintendent Female Factory, Parramatta, requesting that she state the service into which Kenna was assigned on quitting the factory

70084 Kenna Elizabeth (?) Canada 1817 1818 31 December - CSI
On list of prisoners sent to Newcastle per Lady Nelson

70085 Kenna Juliana Canada 1817 1821 28 May - CSI
On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per Snapper

70860 Murray Margaret Canada 1817 1817 Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle

76168 Ryan Mary Canada 1817 1820 Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle