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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
92360 - - Canada 1810 - - The Convict Ships - Charles Bateson
Master John Ward; 122 female convicts

95685 - - Canada 1810 1810 27 February - Hull Packet and Original Weekley Commercial Literary and General Advertiser. (England)
On Friday sennight, Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Bailey and Mary Keshaw, under sentence of transportation for seven years, each, were removed from the goal of this place to be delivered on board the ship Canada, lying at Woolwich for the purpose of bein sent to NSW. The ship is expected to sail in a few days.

162437 - - Canada 1810 27 October 1810 - Selection of reports and papers of the House of Commons: Prisons (Google Books)
EXTRACT of a Dispatch from Governor Macquarie, to Viscount Castlereagh; dated Sydney, New South Wales, 27th October 1810. 2. THE Canada transport brought hither one hundred and twenty-one female convicts, all of whom arrived in good health, and had been well treated by the Commander and Surgeon of that ship during the voyage, one only having died on the passage, who, accord ing to the Surgeon's Report, was in ill health when she was embarked. 3. The greater part of these convicts, soon after their arrival, were assigned over as indented servants, tor the space of three years, to the different settler, who were on the occasion required to execute bonds for the retaining them for that period in their respective services, and for their humane and proper treatment of them. Out of the entire number of one hundred and twenty-one, there are now only thirty-two remaining undisposed of; and they are usefully employed in the Government Cloth Manufactory, some time since established at Parramatta.

27962 Acton (Ogle) Sarah Canada 1810 1812 4 May Newcastle CSI
Prisoner forwarded to Newcastle per ' Estramina'. As Mary Ogle, wife of Thomas Acton per Indian

134178 Bennett (Ross) Elizabeth Canada 1810 - Singleton Singleton Pioneer Register p. 76
Born c 1785 in Devonshire, England. Spouse John Ross. See Pioneer Register for details of descendants

31626 Brown Elizabeth Canada 1810 1828 Segenhoe 1828 Census
Came Free. W. Cox

77647 Connor Catherine Canada 1810 1814 8 January Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be dispatched to Newcastle

77648 Connor Catherine Canada 1810 1817 20 November Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle

41048 Evans Jane Canada 1810 1812 24 October Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Estramina'

71605 Phillips George Canada 1810 1816 March Newcastle CSI
Came Free.Application to travel to Newcastle to put grain in the store for orphan Sarah Pell.

71640 Porter Hannah Canada 1810 1811 9 September Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle

71641 Porter Hannah Canada 1810 1812 29 January Newcastle CSI
Prisoner at Newcastle. Sentence expired and returning to Sydney

86432 Smith Ann Canada 1810 1816 10 April Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle

86433 Smith Ann Canada 1810 1824 23 August ;21 October - CSI
Drunkard & Prostitute; sentenced to the Factory for 28 days