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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
21546 Reilly James Bussorah Merchant 1831 1833 1 August Castle Forbes SG
Aged 24. Carter from Dublin absconded from the service of James Mudie

125460 Reilly James Bussorah Merchant 1831 1832 Patrick Plains GDB
Born 1809. 5' 3 3/4"; Stout, fair complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes. Assigned to James Mudie. Sentenced to be worked in irons till 1st day of December and then return to his master

162443 Reilly James Bussorah Merchant 1831 16 November 1833 Castle Forbes SG
Age 25. Carter and labourer from Dublin. 5ft 2 1/2in, ruddy fair freckled complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, and wore a white shirt, duck trousers, white jacket and straw hat. Absconded from Castle Forbes in company with John Poole, Anthony Hitchcock, David Jones, John Perry and James Ryan after committing various outrages and taking with them silver plate, guns, muskets, horses and wearing apparel. 70 pound reward offered for apprehension

180697 Riley (Reilly) James Bussorah Merchant 1831 17 November 1835 Lake Macquarie Newcastle Court of Petty Sessions, Bench Books, 1833-1836 (Ancestry)
Elias Powell per Aurora, assigned to Captain Biddulph and John Hardy per Marquis of Huntley assigned to Mr. Peter Rapsey of the Green Hills. Bushrangers.....Thomas Friar, free, living with Michael Leahy on Mr. Brooks farm at Lake Macquarie testified....On Sunday about noon, the two prisoners came to our hut door. They asked for some bread and water. We went with them down to where they had their things. We told them we thought they were runaways. They said they were. We took them in charge. They had in their possession a ham and pig cheek, some flour, two blue jackets, two duck trousers and a duck frock and one cotton handkerchief and a waistcoat, two razors. They made no resistance. James Riley, Mr. Warner s assigned servant was with me at the time we took the prisoners. They also had some lump sugar and soap....James Riely (Reilly) per Bussorah Merchant 1831, assigned to Jonathan Warner testified....About noon on Sunday I was in Michael Leahy s hut at Sadlers Flat eating my dinner with the family. The two Prisoners came into the hut and asked for a drink. They asked us if we would show them the way to Brisbane Water. Friar was standing outside the hut. We went part of the way with them. I said I thought I knew Powell. I asked him where he came from. He told me either from the Hunter or Williams River. I told them I thought it was a foolish thing to go to Brisbane Water at that time of day. They had better stop. I remarked again that I thought I had seen Powell on board the Jessy. He said he was on the Jessy. I told them I had heard that two men had run away from Captain Biddulph. Hardy admitted that they were the men. I said they were great fools for taking the bush. They would be sure to be taken as there was a constable on the road. I told them they had better give themselves up. Powell said he did not like to go back. Hardy said he would give himself up to me. They both agreed to give themselves up. They then gave up their things. Both prisoners were remanded