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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
92209 - - Atlas 1802 1802 - The Convict Ships - Charles Bateson
Master: Richard Brooks; Surgeon E. Walker. 151 male convicts, 28 female convicts

32397 Bowling (Boland) Michael Atlas 1802 (1) 1820 22 November Newcastle CSI
To be transported to Newcastle for life per Prince Leopold

36825 Condon Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1820 20 January Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Elizabeth Henrietta'

36826 Condon Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1823 25 February Newcastle CSI
On list of convicts removed from Newcastle to Port Macquarie per 'Mermaid'

37144 Cook James Atlas 1802 (1) 1821 30 August Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners transported to Newcastle per Elizabeth Henrietta

45544 Cook James Atlas 1802 (1) 1828 Newcastle 1828 Census
Conditional Pardon. Carpenter

62500 Cook James Atlas 1802 (1) 1821 11 August - SG
William Kitchenman for stealing five pair of window sashes and James Cook for receiving the same both received sentence of 7 years transportation

163143 Cook James Atlas 1802 (1) 1823/24/25 Newcastle General Muster of New South Wales 1823, 1824, 1825
Convict under sentence of transportation for life. Assigned to government employment at Newcastle

181934 Cook James Atlas 1802 (1) 21 June 1826 Newcastle NSW Courts Magistrates, Newcastle Police Court: 1823-1825, 1826-1827 (Ancestry)
Peter Egan per ship Recovery and James Cook per ship Atlas, both stockman in government service, charged with neglect of duty and losing government bullocks...Mr. Frederick Dixon, Superintendent states - On Monday night the working bullocks were turned out to graze under the charge of Egan and Cook. Egan has charge of them until midnight when it is Cooks duty to relieve him and bring in the bullocks at daybreak for work. On Tuesday morning it was reported to me that the bullocks were lost. They were not found until yesterday in the afternoon. James Cook states - Egan did not go out with the bullocks on Monday evening. He remained at home all night. About midnight I came into the town for a fire stick and when I returned the bullocks had strayed from the place where I left them. Sentence: Peter Egan 3 months in the gaol gang. James Cook 2 months in the gaol gang

38722 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 3 November Newcastle CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Lady Nelson'

38723 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 25 November Newcastle CSI
Leader of runaways from Lime burners at Newcatle on 21 November

77468 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 10 December Newcastle SG
Absconded from the limeburners gang with Francis Parcello, Walter Preston, John Cricks, Isaac Walker, and John Lee on 25th November

119995 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1814 31 December Newcastle SG
John Bricks and Thomas Desmond absented themselves from the Limeburning gang 25th November. Any person harbouring absentees prosecuted

119996 Desmond Thomas Atlas 1802 (2) 1815 14 January Newcastle SG
Absented himself from the limeburning gang 25th November. Still at large

39131 Ducey Patrick Atlas 1802 (2) 1811 16 February Newcastle CSI
Sentenced to hard labour at Newcastle in the coal mines

39132 Ducey Patrick Atlas 1802 (2) 1811 May Newcastle CSI
On monthly return of prisoners punished at Newcastle

77618 Ducey Patrick Atlas 1802 (2) 1811 May Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. Monthly Return of Corporal Punishments
Punished with 25 lashes for refusing to do public labour with the cedar party

77619 Ducey Patrick Atlas 1802 (2) 1812 8 June Newcastle CSI
Served his sentence and permitted to return to Sydney

77620 Ducey Patrick Atlas 1802 (2) 1813 6 November - CSI
Received ticket of leave

17140 Dwyer Anthony Atlas 1802 (2) 1810 Newcastle CSI

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