Free Settler or Felon?
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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
61244 Reeves John Albemarle 1791 1813 13 March - SG
Sentenced to be placed in the pillory x 3 and transported to Newcastle for 7 yrs for perjury

69988 Reeves John Albemarle 1791 1813 23 April - CSI
On list of prisoners to be sent to Newcastle per 'Estramina'

69989 Reeves John Albemarle 1791 1823 18 February - CSI
On return of land cleared and other improvements made by settlers on Hunter's River and Patterson's River

93872 Reeves John Albemarle 1791 1834 14 May Paterson River.Bounded on the nth by John Powells land on the south by Anthony Dwyer's land GG 1834
John Powell making claim for grant of land. 30 acres granted by Gov. Macquarie to John Reeves in 1821

129078 Reeves John Albemarle 1791 1813 13 March Windsor SG
Sentenced to stand 1 hr in the pillory at Parramatta, at Windsor and at Sydney and then to be transported for 7 years for the crime of wilful and corrupt perjury in the trial of John Moss

164941 Reeves John Albemarle 1791 7 July 1790 London The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online
Sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing, on the 17th March, five pair of silk stockings valued at 30s, two cotton handkerchiefs value 3s and a cambrick neck handkerchief value 1s, the property of John Taylor Vaughan

160841 Reeves John Albermarle 1791 11 July 1823 Newcastle Church of England Burials Register Book 1821 - 1825 - University of Newcastle
Free by servitude. Deceased

167162 Reeves John Albermarle 1791 15 July 1823 Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Papers. State Records of NSW Special Bundles
Interred on 15 July 1823