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Rock of Cashel Inn


A brief account of Morpeth Inns was included in the Newcastle Morning Herald when the license for the Central Inn was transferred to another Inn in 1926 -

The license of the Central Hotel, Morpeth, has been transferred to Kitchener, where it will operate in a building to be known as the Khatoum Hotel.

Originally the old hotel was known as the Rock of Cashel and was opened in May 1852, by William Murnane, who held the Iicense for several years. After a number of years the name was changed to Farmers' United Home, and lastly to Central Hotel.

When the first license was granted to William Murnane 74 years ago, there were four existing Inns -
Wheat Sheaf, Robert Ballard, licensee;
Rose, Shamrock and Thistle, Ann Cornelius;
Crown and Anchor, Moses Murphy;
Morpeth Inn; Daniel Maher;
Globe Inn, Rob Canvin.

These five had been in existence for several years. In those days Morpeth was the fort of the north, the end of the journey for hundreds of teams carrying wool, tallow or general produce and the starting point for the same teams laden with merchandise for the northern and north-western district of the State, and of Southern Queensland .....Hotels, mills and stores flourished in the river- side town in those prosperous days, but with the advent of the the railway the glory of Morpeth waned.

Newcastle Morning Herald 31 March 1926



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