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Reminiscences of Maitland - 1843 - 1862

A series of articles printed in the Maitland Mercury and the Maitland Weekly Mercury in the years 1893 - 1896 entitled Reminiscences of Maitland includes events between the years 1843 - 1862.

Below is a summary of the contents of each article with a link to the article below each entry:

No. 1 - 1843

Description of Maitland district in 1840's before gold was discovered and before the Railway

The Hunter River Gazette was printed in a building at the corner of Hugh and Bulwer Street Maitland in the house afterwards known as the Gold Digger's Arms Hotel and later the Union Bank

Lecture of the Hunter River Society delivered by Rev. J.J. Smith

Inhabitants requested to meet in the Court house to discuss means to relieve debt of St. Peter's Church

Henry Ikin commenced business as builder, cabinetmaker and undertaker

List of auctioneers and other businessmen in the town

Travelling by the Singleton Mail

Andrew Lang offering to represent in the new Legislative Council

Iron Foundry established at Newcastle by Alexander Walker Scott

Wool coming down the country with teams passing through Maitland

Four candidates in the field for representation

Robbery of grapes at the vineyard of George Hobler

A Prisoner fishing at Nobbys drowned when he jumped in with his irons on

Teetotal party held in Mr. Dangar's new house at Singleton

The Duke of Manchester loading wool at Newcastle and Port Stephens

Long Tom Forrester, notorious bushranger captured at Belltrees

Maitland Union Benefit Society dinner

Two children murdered by aborigines near Black Creek

A.A. Company overseer at Dungog Mr. Titcombe attacked by a wild bull and gored to death

Constable William Moss of the Wollombi apprehended bushrangers Keating and Crow at Bishop's Bridge

Walter Rotton announced the Patrick Plains races

Account of bushrangers in the district in 1843

Maitland Mercury 21 October 1893

No. 2 - 1843

3 wagons and 5 drays drawn by 72 oxen carrying wool from Neotsfield through Maitland to Newcastle

400 bushels of wheat at Thomas Cook's Auchertorlie destroyed by fire

30 or 40 aborigines from the Glendon, Patrick's Plains and Sugarloaf tribes made their appearance on the banks of the Hunter opposite George Hobler's residence, in search of Melville and Long Harry. Account of the affray that ensued

Stephen Dark plying a large boat from Gostwyck Mills, Paterson to Raymond Terrace and Morpeth

John Quigley arrested at Harper's Hill for bushranging

Daring robbery at the estate of Captain Crawford near Raymond Terrace by 4 armed bushrangers

Aboriginal murderers Melville and Long Harry captured

Newcastle gaol inmates

George Eldridge accidentally drowned near Jermain's farm.

Robert Keddie to open a coal pit at the East Maitland coal Hill

Armed aborigines roaming the streets of Maitland

James Stilsby begins running a coach from Maitland to Patrick's Plains

Man robbed at Mrs. Ellen Burridge's residence

Elephant tusk weighing 30lbs dug out of the sand north shore Newcastle

Bushrangers Forrester and Wilson executed at Newcastle

Aborigine Mickey Ugley brutally murdered at Mount George on the Manning River

Sharp run on the Savings Bank, Sydney

Extensive bed of limestone discovered at Black Creek

Mr. Hyland commenced manufacture of soap in West Maitland

Neat car called the Rob Roy built by Mr. Keddie running between Paterson and Morpeth

Queens Birthday auction of 124 allotments in West Maitland

In May over a hundred natives passed through Maitland to Campbell's Hill to hold a corroboree

Pottery works established at Irrawang near Raymond Terrace

Henry Rourke announced the opening of extensive tannery near the Angel Inn in High Street

Major Wentworth elected for the Northumberland Borough

Lord Bishop of Australia consecrated St. Mary's Church, West Maitland

Benjamin Harris, bushranger, committed at Muswellbrook for the murder of constable Rutledge

Amateur theatricals at the Northumberland Hotel, West Maitland

Prisoners attempt to escape from Nobbys Island by swimming

Melville and Harry handed at East Maitland gaol for the murder of children at Glendon

Number of insolvencies in the colony from Feb 1842 to September 1843 1002

Petition for removing the lock up from its position at junction of High and Hunter Street

13 drays laden with tallow and wool passed through Maitland from Windermere estate

Maitland Mercury 28 October 1893

No. 3 - 1844

Meeting of shareholders of the Hunter River Auction Company

Royal Mail for Singleton, Muswellbrook and Scone

Police Magistrate Edward Denny Day assaulted by Robert Turner

Prisoner before the Bench at Newcastle dropped dead

New Year's Day sports day at Maitland

Thomas McLelland appointed agent in Maitland for the Tweed Factory of Stockton

John Eales of Berry Park shipping cattle and sheep to Hobart in the steamer Helena

E.P. Capper grew a sunflower over four feet in circumference

Complaints of Sly grog shops

Foundation stone of the Maitland gaol

John Stewart, surgeon of Morpeth taking in boarders

Scores of Goats a nuisance in Maitland

Tea party held to clear debt of the Wesleyan Chapel West Maitland

Empty wool dray returning up country driven through Maitland on a Sunday causing outrage

F.J. King commenced boiling down establishment

Mr. Wright of Rutherford robbed on the road by two men

Temple of concord completed. Charles Harpur presented an eloquent address on the occasion

Maitland circuit Court presided over by Sir James Dowling

First ploughing match in the Hunter

100 acre of land on the Oakhampton Estate two miles from Maitland sold

Hostilities among the aborigines at Port Stephens

Commercial Banking Co of Sydney discontinued in Maitland

100 mullet caught in the Hunter River

Pidgeon shooting match for a hive of bees promoted by Henry Reeves

Joseph Vale and Mary Thornton convicted of murder of John Thornton

Nine hotels in East Maitland and fifteen in West Maitland

Harry Lorrequer, race horse of Maitland

New wind mill constructed at Dungog

Elizabeth Turner, carrier of West Maitland reducing charges for carrying goods

First annual show of the Hunter River Agricultural society in the yards of the Albion Inn

Maitland District council elections

Maitland Mercury 4 November 1893

No. 4 - 1844

Maitland Amateur Theatre opposite the Rose Inn opened

Six prisoners escaped from Newcastle in the cutter Brothers

First piece of black cloth ever manufactured in the colony by Fisher and Donaldson of Stockton

An Old Hand's Chaunt Air'The Literary Dustman'

Maitland illuminated as previously on the Queens Birthday

Complaint by James Cornish of Bendolba, Dungog of the price of sending a letter

Mr. Latham just arrived from India via Hobart brought with him an orangutan and two anacondas.

Exhibition in Bailey's Cottage of Content

J.M. Saunders manager of the Bank of Australia announced that interest on deposits to cease.

Dray robbed by six men six miles from Singleton

Two men escaped from Maitland Gaol while awaiting trial

Survey of the Hunter river from Newcastle to the Falls, West Maitland

First regatta ever held in Maitland. Captain Livingstone judge

Foundation stone of St. John the Baptist's Church West Maitland, laid

Maitland Oddfellows Lodge opened

Governor Gipps accompanied by Lady Gipps toured Newcastle and Maitland

Notorious bushranger Wilson known as Wightman's tailor active in the Upper Hunter

Maitland Mercury 11 November 1893

No. 5 - 1844

Locations of boiling down plants, tobacco manufactories, soap, parchment and fell mongering businesses.

Aborigine Monday told of the murder of the child of Mr. Tighe at the Liverpool Plains

Maitland Benevolent Asylum placed on the same footing as hospitals elsewhere

Fund raising beginning for the Maitland Benevolent Asylum

Maitland Mercury 18 November 1893

No. 6 - 1845

3 prisoners from the stockade iron gang at Newcastle murder a fellow convict

James Fitzpatrick executed at Newcastle

St. Patrick Day celebrated at Wollombi by horse racing

William Cross of Singleton challenging to fight a main of cocks

Wesleyan tea party

Shipment of tallow from Blaxland's Fordwich to London

William Boydell growing hops

Site of Maitland Hospital fixed on Campbell's Hill

George Chivers - tweed mill at Muswellbrook

William Kendall dismissed from police force for allowing prisoners to escape

Hunter River Agricultural Society's second annual ploughing match participants

Death of Rev. T. Mahoney, R.C. priest of Eat Maitland

Prisoners attempting to escape from the East Maitland lockup

Large fines for illegal distilling on Pitnacree Road opened

Archbishop Polding first visit to Maitland

Maitland cricket games

New Wesleyan Chapel

Aborigines causing havoc on the Barwin

Old Court House at East Maitland transformed into an amateur theatre

Ladies fancy bazaar in aid of the Maitland Hospital held at the court house

John Graham, shingle splitter lost in the bush for five days

First mention of a railroad in the northern district made in June

Cricket match

H.I. Pilcher, solicitor of Maitland since 1830 died age 45

Ploughing match at Mr. Geddes farm Ravensfield

Maitland Mercury 25 November 1893

No. 7 - 1845

Murder in Sydney by John Ahearn who was later executed

Vandalism in High Street

Sarcastic correspondence re Major Wentworth

Triplets born at Brook's Flat near Maitland to the wife of Henry Jackson

Meeting at St. Mary's Church, West Maitland re establishing a burial ground

Petitions to British Parliament to allow Australian grain and flour to be imported into the United kingdom on same terms as Canadian produce

Roman Catholic burial ground at East Maitland consecrated

Bishop of Australia visited West Maitland

Patrick Plains and Upper Hunter Agricultural Association formed

Foundation stone of a new church at Stockton dedicated to St. Andrew laid

Stone discovered near Jerry's Plains equal to best in colony for grindstones

Edmond Mulcahy, baker of West Maitland received large inheritance

Cattle being speared

Maitland Mercury 2 December 1893

No. 8 - 1846

Maitland Mercury extended

Cloth for the billiard table at the Northumberland Hotel manufactured at the Stockton Cloth Factory

Wesleyan Chapel tea party

Works at the East Maitland gaol suspended early in January in consequence of the stockade being moved to Newcastle

Regular weekly markets established

First show of the Patrick Plains and Upper Hunter Agricultural Assoc., held

Irish Relief Fund for the distress in Ireland

Captain Scott, master of the cutter Young Queen drowned in the Paterson river and was buried on the day he would have been married

Man put in the stocks in Maitland

William Shea of Hillsborough accused of murder of Andrew Menzies

Partnership of Thomas William Tucker and Richard Jones proprietors of the Maitland Mercury dissolved by mutual consent

Robert Hannell Sloan 5 years old drowned in the Hunter River

Competition in the rival steamship companies trading between the Hunter and Sydney

New Lodge of Oddfellows opened at Morpeth

3rd Annual H.R. Agricultural society show held at Maitland

Census of the Population - comparison to 1841

Meeting of journeymen carpenters and joiners of Maitland held at the Cricketer's Arms Hotel

Rev. Stack presented with a farewell address and purse

St. John's Church West Maitland opened on 8th November

Attempts to renew transportation

H. Kemble English actor in Maitland

Foundation stone of the Maitland Hospital laid on 26th January

Maitland Mercury 9 December 1893

No. 9 - 1846 - 1847

Body of an unknown man found lying in the bush near the Morpeth Road

In 1847 Edward Denny Day resumed duties as Police Magistrate after an absence of 2 months

Anti transportation petitions from the Hunter sent to Sydney to be forwarded to England

Man attacked by a hawk near Miller's Forest

Acrimony between Edward Denny Day and Captain Edward Biddulph

Native dogs troublesome at Jerry's Plains

Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy visited the Hunter River district in February 1847

The old steamer Huntress ran aground near McDougall's Falls

Peter Pidgeon executed for murder at Newcastle gaol

Maitland Mercury 16 December 1893

No. 10 - 1847

Office of the Maitland Mercury moved from High and Bulwer streets to premises at corner High and Hunter St

Rev. James S. White formally ordained minister of ST. Andrew's Church Singleton 9th May 1847

Hunter River Vineyard Assoc., formed in a meeting at the Northumberland Hotel West Maitland

Bazaar held to raise money for the Maitland hospital

Murder of James Palfrey near the Goulburn River

Foundation stone of the Free Presbyterian Church laid on a site close to High Street opposite Dr. Liddell's residence

William Francis King known as the Flying Pieman making wagers

John Turner granted a license for an omnibus called the Forget-me-not to run between Maitland and Morpeth

Death of Lady Mary Fitzroy wife of the Governor and Lieut. Masters in carriage accident

Maitland Mercury 23 December 1893

No. 11 - 1848

Rev Christopher Eipper, minister of St. Ann's Presbyterian Church at Paterson

Sir Henry Parkes in business in Sydney

Four aborigines near Singleton residence playing game of five and twenties with a pack of cards

William Lee tried at Muswellbrook for highway robbery

William and George Hely aged 7 and 5 drowned in the Hunter River

In April immigrants who arrived on the Sobraon forwarded to Maitland

The mail coach from Singleton to Maitland stuck by armed bushranger Thomas Gregory

Description of the Election for the Northumberland Borough

Description of a deep and dangerous hole known as the brickhole near Early's Terrace

Breeza station purchased by Samuel Clift from Andrew Lang

Eliza Neilson from Irishtown near Clarence Town brutally murdered

Patrick Bryan executed at Newcastle for the murder of Eliza Neilson

Presbyterian Church service in Gaelic and afterwards in English

Licenses for hotels for the year 1848-49

Maitland Weekly Mercury 6 January 1894

No. 12 - 1849

Land lottery publicly drawn in Sydney. The first prize was the estate of Underbank on the Williams River

Brutal murder of Mary Sadler near Glendon

The ship Eleanor Lancaster left Sydney for California gold fields

George Waters Ward hanged at Maitland gaol for the murder of Richard Connolly

Service in connection with the Synod of Australia. Induction of Rev. Purves

Punt built by Mr. Adams of Newcastle launched

James Watt age 14 died from the effects of a knife thrown by aboriginal boy Charley

Sensational murder of Scotch Mary at Singleton by Catherine Carter

Singleton Mail held up by two armed bushrangers Davidson and Smith

Maitland Weekly Mercury 13 January 1894

No. 13 - 1849

Edward Denny Day farewelled

Major Crummer appointed to Maitland

Plans of Maitland hospital drawn up

People leaving the colony for California gold rush

Letter from San Francisco from Dr. Frederick Bastone

Letter from San Francisco from Alexander Wilkinson

Colony re-declared a penal settlement and 1300 ticket of leave holder arrived

First railway company started in Sydney

Experiment in cotton growing tried at Bolwarra

Maitland Weekly Mercury 20 January 1894

No. 13 - 1850

New Postal Act came into force

Land around Maitland in 1850 selling for low price

Bourke's land in Maitland sold in allotments

Building of the first Australian railway commenced July in Sydney

The Empire was started as a weekly publication 28 December 1850 by Sir Henry Parkes

Lawrence Potts, storekeeper of West Maitland left for California Goldfields

Maitland Weekly Mercury 27 January 1894

No. 14 - 1851

Bourn Russell of Stoney Creek started wool washing

Exports from Hunter district to Sydney - cedar, shingles, wheat, hay, maize, barley, tobacco etc

Shingle splitting ceased as an industry having given way to galvanised iron

William Bucknell sent to England a sample of his cotton from Paterson.

Church of England Burial Ground at Campbell's Hill purchased from Augustus Drentler for £50.

Cricket match between Maitland and Singleton Clubs

Melancholy accident to butcher Thomas Rouse at Singleton

James Glass almost drowned after falling through the rails of the old Victoria Bridge

Hewitt Banfield age 9 drowned in the Hunter River in January

People in California supposed all the people arriving for the gold rush were convicts - Jack Sheppards

A proposal to send the mail from Newcastle to Maitland overland instead of by steamer to Morpeth

Land in Horse Shoe Bend sold in 1851

On Anniversary Day, races were held at Gorricks new racecourse at Rutherford

Maitland Weekly Mercury 17 February 1894

No. 15 - 1851

News that Solicitor Frederick William Davies had died by his own hand

Richard Traynor leg caught in the cogwheels of a thrashing machine and died soon after

William May, an old resident of Morpeth died after being thrown from his horse

Three men convicted of highway robbery at the Maitland Circuit Court in March

Heavy hailstorm in March

St. Patrick's Day races at Wollombi

1910 acres of the Dagworth estate sold

Samuel Davis of East Maitland killed on the Morpeth road by falling off a load of wheat

Maitland Police statistics of industries in Maitland

Jackey Jackey presented with silver breast plate for his faithful and gallant conduct in the expedition of Kennedy to Cape York

Accident to engineer John Duke

Agricultural returns for the police district of Maitland for 1851

A return match between Maitland and Singleton cricketers played at Maitland racecourse

Population of East and West Maitland and Morpeth

59 applications for publican's licenses

James King of Irrawang losing crops to native dogs

Five boys George and Edward Lonsdale, John Gillies, John Gordon and George Davidson injured by an explosion of gunpowder

Maitland Weekly Mercury 24 February 1894

No. 16 - 1851

1st July disastrous flood in the Hunter

2nd July Mr. Fisher's Tweed Cloth Manufactory at Stockton destroyed by fire

2 April Mr. E.W. Rudder of Sydney wrote to the SMH regarding the similarity of the auriferous formations in NSW to that in California

People leaving Sydney for the Bathurst gold fields

Prospectors searching for gold in the Maitland district

Digger's license fees

Maitland Weekly Mercury 3 March 1894

No. 17 - 1851

1851 - Most eventful year in history of colony because of gold discoveries

Escapes from Maitland gaol

Gaoler James Cox dismissed

John Wallace from Darlinghurst gaol appointed gaoler

Michael Cohillane executed at Maitland gaol on 2nd October for the rape of Ann Milsom at Scone

Building in West Maitland opened for divine service of the Congregational Church

Gold digger Thomas Garretty of Maitland accidentally killed on the way home

Reward offered for apprehension of two 17 yr old apprentices who absconded to go gold prospecting

Meeting held re constructing a footbridge or forming a dam across the Hunter River at the Falls

1852 - Property on the Corner of High Street and Tuck street Maitland sold for 300 pounds

Tenth year of the Mercury's existence - Richard Jones proprietor

Annual Maitland races held on Nicholson's racecourse Maitland

Death on the Laguna racecourse on New Years Day

A runaway horse and dray struck and killed Mrs. Jackson wife of a wheelwright of Melbourne St. Maitland

Description of the mail deliveries and names of mail contractors

Maitland Weekly Mercury 10 March 1894

No. 18 - 1852

New bridge built over Wallis Creek between East and West Maitland

Bridge opened on the anniversary of the battle of Vittoria by Major Crummer

Cricket game results

Publican's licenses

Horsebreaker Joseph Chambers thrown from a horse and killed where Cohen's warehouse later stood

Girl charged with infanticide found not guilty and discharged

Maitland Daily Mercury 14 April 1894

No. 19 - 1852

Description of the Victoria Bridge

Meeting held in St. Mary's Church, West Maitland to discuss plan for a grammar school

Flour milling in Maitland

Return of land under cultivation in Maitland Police district

Meeting held to discuss forming a new Steam Navigation Company

Three iron paddle boats named the Hunter, the Williams and the Paterson 120 horse power engines

First escort from the Hanging Rock diggings reached Maitland

Maitland Weekly Mercury 28 April 1894

No. 20 - 1853

Description of Jimmy Ashton's circus

Cricket in Maitland - George Moore

C.M. Doyle on his farm at Midlorn grew a crop of wheat from seed from the Snowy River

Meeting in Sydney to establish railway company for a line between Maitland and Newcastle

Maitland Jockey Club decided not to hold any races in 1853

The Long Bridge at West Maitland in dilapidated condition

In 1830 a large gum tree felled at Horse Shoe Bend was used to build a house which stood for 23 years.

A branch of the Bank of NSW opened in West Maitland in the residence of Dr. Liddell, High Street.

Dr. Liddell's residence in High Street was the site of the later Commercial Banking Company of Sydney

Maitland Weekly Mercury 5 May 1894

No. 21 - 1853

Gold nugget found by 'The Duke' at the Turon

Description of auctioneer Jeremiah Ledsam of Maitland

Description of cricket and result of games

Chinese imported by the shipload to Newcastle

Exceedingly tall Chinese man arrested in Maitland on suspicion on murder

Reward offered for return of three runaway Chinese assigned servants from Newcastle

Maitland Weekly Mercury 9 June 1894

No 22 - 1854

Adoption of new constitution

Legislative Council voted Mr. E. Hargreaves, the first discoverer of gold in NSW the sum of £10,000

A new system of attaching an armed guard to the Northern mail coach which left Maitland twice a week

Mail coaches being stuck up by bushrangers.

Woman killed at Wylie' flat near Singleton when here head was crushed between spokes of a dray

Reward offered for apprehension of a Chinese man name Tee Keng

Coach and buggy factory established at Maitland by J.W. Tuck

William Waugh of Nelson's Plains stabbed by farm labourer John Blaney

D and J. Dickson, merchants established direct communication by vessels between England and Morpeth

Second lodge of the Oddfellows opened at the Waterloo Inn

Daniel Gardiner alias Thomas Gardiner executed at Maitland Gaol for murder of his wife

Description of William Nicholson's race course at Maitland

Maitland Weekly Mercury 30 July 1894

No. 24 - 1854

First sod of the Great Northern Railway line turned at Newcastle

Cricket match played on the ground near the new Grammar School at Maitlandland

Foundation stone of the Congregational Church in West Maitland laid

Improvement in architectural aspect of Maitland

Patrick Henry fatally stabbed in a house in notorious Durham St

Fire Engine for West Maitland

Maitland Weekly Mercury 14 July 1894

No. 25 - 1855

Fatal stabbing in West Maitland

Skin of a black snake 12ft 3in long

Mayo's Hotel known as the Hunter River Hotel sold for £6950

Inspector Garvin of Sydney police elected Chief Constable of Maitland police district

Public meeting to form Patriotic Assoc., for relief of families of British soldiers killed in the Crimean war

Purchase of celebrated racehorse Cossack by Charles Reynolds of Tocal

Cricket news

Sir William Thomas Denison visited the Hunter

Maitland Weekly Mercury 21 July 1894

No. 27 - 1855

Church of St. Clement at Falbrook near Singleton consecrated

Woman accidentally shot by her son at Morpeth

Woman drowned in the river near Oakhampton

First team saw mill in West Maitland established by James Wolstenholme

John Portus and son Alexander farewelled at Morpeth on their voyage to Europe

School of Arts meeting

Anniversary dinner of the Lodge of Oddfellows held in the Commercial Hotel

Michael Cussack confessed to the murder of John Campbell at West Maitland

Steam boiler burst at Pearse and Crofton's steam mill near the Long Bridge

Contributor's names for the Patriotic Fund

Prices land sold for in East Maitland in April 1855

Maitland Weekly Mercury 4 August 1894

No. 28 - 1855

Meeting held to raise money for Wesleyan Chapel

Bazaar held at Morpeth in aid of the Maitland Hospital

Prediction by surveyor George Boyle White that West Maitland would one day be completely flooded

Dangers of floods at Maitland

Maitland Weekly Mercury 11 August 1894

No. 29 - 1855

First sod of the Maitland portion of the Hunter River railway turned

Farwell supper to Alfred Levien at the Rose Inn

Theatrical company from Sydney gave 3 performances in Wilkinson's Waterloo Hotel

Pulling match between two draught horses at Campbell's Hill

Whisky provided at auction sale at Townshend's Trevallyn

Death of navvy James Pearson of Cambridgeshire at East Maitland

First volunteer corps formed in Maitland

Maitland Weekly Mercury 25 August 1894

No. 30 - 1855

The Rose Inn re-opened under the name of Sir William Denison Inn by James Fullford

John Smith's offer of 4 acres for railway station not accepted

Foundation stone of Maitland High School in Free Church street laid

Challenge of George Lewis who arrived on the York in 1831 to sawyers throughout the colony

John Youdale, son of one of the first photographers in Maitland, drowned in the Hunter River

Maitland Weekly Mercury 1 September 1894

No. 31 - 1855

Celebrations in Maitland with the news that Sebastapol had fallen into the hands of the allied forces

Miss Gordon struck and killed by lightning at Tomago.

Three children of Robert Gordon had been killed within ten days of each other.

Fatal injury at Maitland Christmas races held at Nicholson's course on Boxing Day

Mary Graham drowned while attempting to cross Wollombi Brook

Maitland Weekly Mercury 8 September 1894

No. 32 - 1856

Church of England Grammar School in Devonshire St opened for divine worship until St. Paul built

Public meeting to establish a branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society

Important discovery of coal made at Mount Vincent close to Mr. Knox child' residence by Mr. Keene

Survey of the Hunter River Railway from Maitland to Singleton made by Government

Purchase of land in Bourke Street by Wesleyan church to replace the church in High Street

Maitland High School in Free Church Street commenced and completed

A list of all the new buildings built in Maitland in 1856

Maitland lockup in need of repair

Application for publican's license by Henry Chivers

Maitland Road Trust
Death of Mr. William Travis storekeeper of Maitland

Division in the Church of England parishes in Maitland made in March

Maitland Weekly Mercury 15 September 1894

No. 33 - 1856

Bushranging in full swing - stick-ups in Maitland area

Polling for Northumberland Borough elections

Maitland Mercury commenced its first publication as a tri weekly newspaper

Steam first used in the printing of the Mercury

Rev. Robert Chapman of St. Mary's presented with a gift of sovereigns

Public meeting held for the purpose of taking steps to form a gas company for Maitland

Enoch Cobcroft of the Hunter River Hotel erected the first private gas works ever built in the colony

West Maitland Fire Brigade formed this year.

Theatre called 'The Queen's' the first theatre built in Maitland in High Street

First actors and actresses in The Queen's.

Maitland Weekly Mercury 22 September 1894

No. 34 - 1856

First race meeting held in East Maitland on Queen's Birthday at rear of the Black Horse Inn

Australia's Daughters penned by Sir Robert Wisdom

First parochial church meeting of St. Paul's held at West Maitland

Richard Nathan Hammond aged 3, killed by the wheel of a bullock dray

The Peace Holiday celebrated in Maitland and Morpeth after the battle of Sebastopol

Three men crushed to death at Maitland Brickyard

Maitland Weekly Mercury 29 September 1894

No. 35 - 1856

Accident at the Hinton Punt

Aboriginal named Tommy died in cart on the way to Maitland Hospital

First gold escort from the Rocky River diggings arrived in West Maitland

Foundation stone of t. Paul's Church West Maitland laid

Preliminary steps to establish a Mechanics Institute in East Maitland

Young boy seriously injured in a crushing mill in West Maitland

Two day race meeting held in East Maitland on Boxing Day

Special train from Newcastle to Maitland for the race brought 500 people

Requests to government for a new court house at Maitland

Proposal to bridge the Hunter River at Pitnacree

Australian Cricket Club established at West Maitland

Maitland Weekly Mercury 13 October 1894

No. 36 - 1857

New Year's Eve celebrations - descriptions of practical joking

Young lad David James Taylor killed after his pony fell in Swan Street Morpeth

Son of Solomon Harris saved from drowning in a heroic rescue by Joseph Risby of the Falls Hotel

Mrs White and two children drowned at Raymond Terrace

Thomas Owen known as Tommy the Tailor drowned at Morpeth

Rutherford Races held opposite the old Spread Eagle Inn

Man who called himself the Marquis of Townshend appeared in Maitland Police Court

Maitland Weekly Mercury 20 October 1894

No. 37 - 1857

Twelve year old Thomas Hoare accidentally killed when an iron hook lodged in his skull

Maitland Bread Company formed

Great Northern Railway opened by Governor Sir William T. Denison on 30th March 1857

New School of Arts building in West Maitland formally opened

Maitland Weekly Mercury 27 October 1894

No. 38 - 1857

Description of the destruction and deaths in the disastrous flood at Maitland

Foundation stone of the Wesleyan Church at the corner of William and Newcastle Sts East Maitland laid

Eight year old Alexander McGregor killed at Phoenix Park by the falling of a tree

Correspondence re the drainage of water

Congregational Church at West Maitland completed in December 1857

Maitland Weekly Mercury 10 November 1894

No. 39 - 1858

History of the Wesleyan Church in Maitland

Moses Murphy of the Commercial Hotel in Morpeth drowned at Hinton

Election speech of William Cheater

Maitland Weekly Mercury 17 November 1894

No. 40 - 1858

Presentation to Isaac Gorrick on his departure from Maitland for England

Cricket challenge - Horse Shoe Benders to play the Northumberland Club

Maitland Weekly Mercury 1 December 1894

No. 42 - 1858

Foundation stone of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church at East Maitland laid

Bazaar in aid of building fund of the Mechanic's Institute at East Maitland

Annual Three days race meeting of the Northumberland Jockey Club West Maitland

Presentation to long time resident Thomas Evans who was leaving the town

Description of Wallis Creek before and after the Great Northern Railway company altered the flow

Working bee proposed for the East Maitland race course

Bacon curing establishment of Messrs Solomon, Vindin and Co killed a pig weighing 615 lbs

Betting on a race between gigs

Maitland Weekly Mercury 23 February 1895

No. 43 - 1858

Opening of the Great Northern Railway 27 June 1858

Maitland Annual Races on Nicholson's race course - 2000 people

Gold in quartz discovered in the church and school lands 4 miles from Dungog

Maitland Weekly Mercury 2 March 1895

No. 44 - 1858

Thomas Boland killed in a fight at Oakhampton

The Bank Hotel premises in East Maitland formerly occupied by the Bank of Australasia sold for 2000 pounds

Other properties sold in the district

New Roman Catholic Church blessed by Dean Lynch

Meeting in the Courthouse East Maitland to consider petitioning the governor to declare East Maitland a municipality

Report on the humour of auctioneer R.G. Yeomans

Ann Ross aged 16 died 4 months after being severely burned in a kitchen fire

Auction in England of the effects of the late former Governor of NSW Sir Charles Fitzroy - gold trowel which he laid the foundation stone of the Sydney Exchange and silver trowel with which he laid the Victorian Dock

Novel court case of Thomas Osborne and Adam Nixon

Bazaar in aid of the building fund of the newly built Wesleyan Chapel

Maitland Weekly Mercury 9 March 1895

No. 45 - 1859

Wesleyan Chapel in High Street opened on 13th January

Ludicrous affair of honor on the old Maitland Racecourse

Campbell's Hill toll gate - Maitland - Great Northern Road

Description of the benefits of carrying goods

Live tortoise found embedded in rock during construction of the Great Northern Railway at Maitland

Luke Kingsmill, Clerk of Petty Sessions thrown from his gig on the Morpeth road and killed

Terrific hailstorm at Maitland in February

Banquet to commemorate St. Patrick's Day - list of people who attended

Maitland Weekly Mercury 30 March 1895

No. 46 - 1859

Cab driver James Stilsby brought an action against Sergeant Kerrigan of the Maitland Police

Mary Keating aged 3 1/2 years lost in the bush between Maitland and Quarrabalong for 8 days

Branch of the Commercial Bank first opened in Maitland in April in premises of Messrs D. Cohen Co

Cricket match held in Weller's large paddock on the Eat Maitland Road

Archbishop Polding of Sydney proceeded to Singleton laid foundation stone of St. Patrick's Church. Description of ceremony

Fencer named Lachlan Grant died at Anvil Creek from the bite of a fly on the hand

Maitland Weekly Mercury 18 May 1895

No. 47 - 1859

First steps towards building the church of St. Mary's, West Maitlandland

Butcher John James Penny of West Maitland died after being thrown from his cart

Foundation stone of the Olympic Theatre in West Maitland laid by actor Henry Edwards. Description of the theatre

Elect of Parliamentary representatives in June

William Tierney duped by a three card trick by Sydney spielers

Maitland Weekly Mercury 25 May 1895

No. 48 - 1859

Billings' menagerie of performing wild animals visited West Maitland

Summary of the exports from the district for the week ending June 1859

Protest against West Maitland being incorporated into a municipality

James Story an old Maitland identity sworn in as night watchman. Also town crier and bill poster
Gate and booths at annual races

Corner tone of Mechanics Institute East Maitland laid on 26th July by Sir Charles Nicholson

Maitland Weekly Mercury 1 June 1895

No. 49 - 1859

R.G. Yeomans and Joseph Eckford established cattle yards at Campbell's Hill

History of Maitland cattle yards

Olympic Theatre opened on 1st August 1859

Hunter River News published for a brief period

Maitland Annual races extended over period of three days

Complaint by John Borthwick of East Maitland re the blocking of Banks street by the railway line

Maitland Weekly Mercury 8 June 1895

No. 50 - 1859

Ploughing match held in Harbottle's paddock near the Vitoria Bridge 5th August attracting thousands

Description of dinner after the plough match

Devon bullocks bred by Charles Reynolds of Tocal sold in Maitland for 40 pounds each

Maitland Weekly Mercury 15 June 1895

No. 51 - 1859

Two men convicted of murder handed at the Maitland Gaol on 22nd November

Action of libel brought by Dr. Wigan against Dr. Macartney

Select of advertisements from the newspaper in 1859

Arrival of ship Columbian with the charter of the Northumberland Chapter attached to the Maitland Lodge of Unity no 804

Maitland Weekly Mercury 22 June 1895

No. 52 - 1859

Rebecca Bailey beaten to death with a strap by her paramour railway navvy John Jones who was executed for the crime

Sensational shooting case in West Maitland

Tuck's illuminated star, lit with gas for the first time on New Year's night 1860

400 people travelled from Maitland to Newcastle by train for cricket

Two Maitland residents almost drowned at Newcastle beach. Rescued by Mr. Kemp, a powerful swimmer

West Maitland branch of the Bank of Australasia first opened in previses previously known as the Fitzroy Hotel at the corner of Elgin Street

Telegraphic communication between Maitland, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide first established on 12 January 1860

E.C. Weekes accepted the office of Colonial Treasurer

12 year old Richard Antcliffe drowned in the Hunter River

Fight over a game of cards between two navvies at Lochinvar resulted in the death of one

Maitland Weekly Mercury 13 July 1895

No. 53 - 1860

Rev. McIntyre and members of his family attacked and beaten in public as he arrived to give a lecture at the Presbyterian Church in Free Church st

Called for Mounted Police to be stationed at Maitland

Summons against the ring leaders of the riot

Maitland Weekly Mercury 3 August 1895

No. 54 - 1860

Frequent correspondence to the Mercury for months after the above riot

Teamster John Barton murdered while on his way from Morpeth to Wollombi. Perpetrator George Swan sentenced to death which was commuted

Hotel on Campbell's Hill erected by Joseph Eckford in 1860 29 rooms and capable of accommodating 240 people

Ploughing match held in David Dickson's paddock at Bolwarra

Bazaar held in aid of building St. Peter's parsonage East Maitland

Two men John Jones for the murder of Rebecca Bailey and Jim Crow an aboriginal also convicted of murder were hanged at Maitland gaol.

Phrenologist Professor Hamilton took a cast of the heads of the executed men

Maitland Weekly Mercury 10 August 1895

No. 55 - 1860

Opening of the extension of the Great Northern Railway from West Maitland to Lochinvar on 27 June 1860

Death of two prominent residents of West Maitland in July - William Carrey and Dr. Michael Macartney

E.C. Close junior resigned from his position in the Legislative Assembly in 1860

Death of racehorse Jorrocks at the age of 27

Meeting held to consider forming one or two Volunteer Rifle Companies

First stone of St. Mary's new church at West Maitland laid on 17th September 1860 in presence of 500 people

Maitland Weekly Mercury 17 August 1895

No. 56 - 1860

George Swan sentenced to death but sentence commuted to imprisonment for life, the first three years in irons

Three year old Arthur Hastings Burns crushed to death at his father's flour mill corn High and Sempill Street in November

Notts's flour mill situated at eastern end of the Long Bridge destroyed by fire in November. Mill originally built for Peter Green

Election after a dissolution of Parliament was granted over the Robertson Land Bill

9 year son of John Duke accidentally drowned at the Falls

Teamster Robert Hamilton accidentally killed near the Spread Eagle at Rutherford by being crushed beneath the wheel of his dray

Working bee on the East Maitland racecourse

A plasterer named Francis Ford, 34, poisoned himself by taking strychnine

First sports on the new racecourse at East Maitland held on Boxing Day . 3000-4000 people attended.

Maitland Weekly Mercury 7 September 1895

No. 57 - 1861

Auctions of horses by Isaac Gorrick

Two steam companies with head quarters at Morpeth

Captains of the steamers

Committees active in the town

New Year's Day sports

List of schools in the district

Sports Day on New Years Day attended by 1400 people

Ceremony at Singleton

Maitland Weekly Mercury 14 September 1895

No. 58 - 1861

Terrific hailstorm on 4th January 1861

William James Mannell struck dead by lightning at Largs

Meeting of the newly formed Volunteer Rifle Company at West Maitland

John Fitch's store and two houses in High Street destroyed by fire

Michael McShane killed by lightning at Phoenix Park

James Nancarrow almost killed by the kick of a horse

Fearful accident at Louth Park to farmer Patrick Phelan

Rifle match between James Wolfe and William Owen

Maitland Weekly Mercury 21 September 1895

No. 59 - 1861

Sensational robbery committed at the Bank of Australasia East Maitland by junior clerk Walham Beardmore

David Buchanan first introduced to Parliamentary life by being elected for the constituency of Morpeth

At Newcastle, presentation of colours to the Newcastle Rifle volunteers

James Allen of Black Creek died after an altercation with aboriginal man Jackey

Division between parishes of St. Mary's and St. Paul's in West Maitland explained

The old Thistle Inn situated at the junction of Regent street and Campbell's Hill demolished

Description of Old Jim Bates of Campbell's Hill

Maitland Weekly Mercury 12 October 1895

No. 60 - 1861

A ploughing match in connection with the Hunter River Agricultural and Horticultural Association in George Tucker's paddock at Bolwarra

Rev. William Chaucer a Presbyterian clergyman of Newcastle sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in Darlinghurst gaol for supplying a false marriage certificate

Alexander Wilkinson of West Maitland presented with a handsome testimonial by the Marine Lodge at Newcastle in honor of the exertions in restoring the lodge to its flourishing condition

Cricket Match participants and results

R.B. Minter solicitor of Maitland died suddenly at his residence

St. Barnabas Church at Horseshoe Bend built by Mr. Graham

Second annual exhibition of the Hunter River Agricultural and Horticultural Association in yards of the Northumberland hotel

Maitland Weekly Mercury 26 October 1895

No. 61 - 1861

West Maitland Company of Volunteers - description of their march through the town and military exercises in attack and defence of a fortified position

Population of various townships from the Census returns of 1861

Maitland Weekly Mercury 2 November 1895

No. 62 - 1861

First volunteer funeral ever held in Maitland accorded to R.B. Minter, solicitor

His Excellency Sir John Young accompanied by Lady Young and suite visited West Maitland on 26th June

Exhibition at the School of Arts was a great success

James Connolly age 16 visiting Maitland from Clarencetown was accidentally killed in High Street after being hit by a butcher's cart. Son of Chief Constable Connolly

Maitland Weekly Mercury 23 November 1895

No. 63 - 1861

Sensational case at the Maitland Circuit Court of an aborigine known as Black Harry the terror of the district between Merriwa and Gunnedah

Maitland Weekly Mercury 30 November 1895

No. 64 - 1861

Bazaar in aid of the building fund of St. Mary's Church West Maitland

Elderly woman named Mortimer wife of a miller at Campbell's Hill was burned to death in September

Thomas Kelly, crippled and age 50 or 60 years died a peculiar death

Elizabeth Daly postmistress of West Maitland for many years recipient of a testimonial from the townspeople

George Sims of Phoenix Park drowned in the Hunter river at Morpeth

James O'Brien, apprentice saddler of West Maitland died after over charging his gun

The Great Northern Road was the scene of a daring mail robbery by bushrangers

Maitland Weekly Mercury 7 December 1895

No. 65 - 1861

Fatal accident of James Ackroyd aged 60, known as Yorkey when he fell into the river

A society called St. Mary's Young Men's Society formed

Penny Bank system began in West Maitland

Verse called 'Wollombi' contributed to the Mercury by Mr. Basil E. Kendall, brother of Henry Kendall.

Maitland Weekly Mercury 7 March 1896

No. 66 - 1862

A farmer of Buttai John McCormack was killed at Oakvale by being dashed against a gum tree by a horse he was riding

Rev. William McIntyre took his departure from the district in February

Footrace took place on Christian's Flat between Richard Jurd of Kurrajong and Edward Jones of Newcastle

Stormy public meetings re the Incorporation of West Maitland

Cricket match lasting three or four days played in Sydney

Maitland Weekly Mercury 14 March 1896

No. 67 - 1862

Interesting cricket match on Christian Flat in March between employees of the Mercury and the opposition paper the Ensign

Extension of the great Northern railway from Lochinvar to Black Creek opened

Maitland Volunteer Band played at Thomas Brown's Bush Inn at Black Creek

Kangarooing a favourite sport with many young Maitlanders

Pidgeon shooting match

Annual Ploughing Match held at Louth Park Road

Stone pulpit erected in St. Paul's Church in April