Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

Maitland History - 1820s - 1850s

Early Settlers near Maitland

Brief biographies of four apothecaries who lived in in Maitland in the 1840's:

William Lipscomb,
Charles Vavasour Earle,
William Mutlow
William Townley Pinhey

A Trip to Maitland in 1826 - In 1826 a correspondent to the Monitor who possessed land in the vicinity of Wallis Plains (Maitland), made a voyage from Sydney to Newcastle in a cutter before transferring to a smaller vessel to convey him to Maitland. In a series of letters to the Monitor in June 1826 he described the trip up the Hunter River.

Bushrangers - Links to Bushrangers of the Hunter Valley

Colonial Military Officers - Officers who served or settled in Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley

Edward Denny Day - Police Magistrate at Maitland who was known throughout the district for his courage, integrity and persistent pursuit of justice

Frank Darcy - Brother of Maitland's famous boxing champion Les Darcy. Frank Darcy died of the Spanish Flu in 1919

Hannan House - Hannan House was built on a 40 acre veteran's allotment by John Hannan. By the end of 1843 Hannan House had become a temporary hospital for the district when the Benevolent Asylum situated in Caroline Chisholm's barracks became inadequate for the needs of the community. The house was used in this capacity until the new Maitland Hospital was opened in 1849.

Henry Stuart Russell's journey - North through Maitland and the Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Place Names - Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains, New South Wales.

Hunter Valley Steamers - Information about some of the paddle steamers that plied the Hunter River in 1830's and 1840s.

Inns and Hotels in Maitland - Links to information about Inns and Innkeepers in East and West Maitland 1820's - 1840's

John Eckford - Early Settler at Maitland

Law and Order - Maitland

Maitland Gaol - Find out more about the history of Maitland Gaol, the main gaol for the Northern Circuit District in 1848.

Maitland Hospital - Maitland Hospital received the first patients in November 1849

Medical Practitioners - Links to 75 Medical Practitioners known to have been active in Newcastle, Maitland and the Upper Hunter in the 1830's and 1840's

Molly Morgan - Molly Morgan is Maitland's best known convict. She built the Angel Inn at Maitland around 1829

Morpeth History Links - Find out more about early residents at Morpeth

Pastors and Priests - A list of men of the cloth who ministered to early inhabitants in the Gosford, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter Valley in the early days of the Colony

Police Force in Maitland - A list of Police Magistrates, Chief Constables and Constables known to have served at Maitland 1830's - 1850's

Probable Usefulness - An account of the Connor Family from Ireland to Australia by Sister Rita King

Reminiscences of Maitland - A summary and links to a series of articles printed in the Maitland Mercury and the Maitland Weekly Mercury in the years 1893 - 1896 entitled Reminiscences of Maitland includes events between the years 1843 - 1862.

Rev Edward Griffith - Rev. Edward Griffith accepted a call from the Colonial Missionary Society to found a Congregational Church at Ipswich, Queensland in 1854. Later he transferred to Maitland. Rev. Griffith's daughter Mary Griffith published a book entitled 'Memorials of Rev. Edward Griffith' giving an interesting account of the family's years spent in Maitland

Robert Green - From Maitland

Robert Lorn Pattison - Paddle steamer captain and innkeeper

Sarah Morris - from mother to convict to publican - By descendant Janelle Collins

St. Mary's Church - Maitland

Residents and Landowners at Maitland 1840s -
Bailey, Samuel
Beckett, Isaac
Blain, Rev. Robert
Borthwick, John

Cains, William
Campbell, Pieter Laurenz
Capper, Robert
Clift, Samuel
Cohen, Samuel
Cox, James
Cridland Charles
Crummer, Major James Henry
Day, Edward Denny
Dee, Thomas
Dodd, Alexander

Eales, John
Eckford, William
Elwell, Saul

Flood, James

Garven, Rev. John Hill

Ikin, Henry - Cabinet maker

Keddie, Robert King
King, William Francis
Kingsmill, John

Levien, Alfred
Levy, Lewis W.

Lewis, Mortimer William jun., - Clerk of Works
Lonsdale, George

Mayo, John
McLelland, Thomas
Mitchell, Sir Thomas Livingston
Moran, Michael
Muir, George

Nicholson, William
O'Meagher, Joseph
Pike, John
Pilcher, Henry I
Portus, John
Potts, Lawrence

Reeves, Henry
Rourke, Henry - Tanner
Roxburgh, David
Rusden, Rev. George Keylock

Smith, Samuel - Coach Driver
Spark, A.B.
Spencer, John Lewis
Stack, Rev. William
Stilsby, James - Coach driver
Stubbs, Thomas

Turner, John

Whittaker, Charles
Wilkinson, Alexander

Yeomans, George