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Joseph Brooks Weller - Settler

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Birth: Kent 1802
Arrival: Aguilar in 1824
Land Grant: 1200 acres in 1824
Occupation: Land Proprietor; whaler
Death: 1835

Joseph Brooks Weller and brothers George Weller and Edward Weller were members of a wealthy family from Kent.

Arrival in the Colony

Joseph arrived in Australia on the Aguilar in 1824 and was granted 1200 acres of land on 20 October 1824 by Sir Thomas Brisbane, the land being between East Maitland and Newcastle and adjoining John Platt's land at Iron Bark Creek.
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Land Acquisition

The Weller brothers used some of their capital to build a large sandstone brick house (The Oaks) - about 200 yards from the Wallis Creek Bridge.

The Wellers were also granted 1360 acres in 1828 at Falbrook not far from James Glennie's Dulwich and a farm belonging to William Powditch.

They purchased a Government Cottage (Cottage Creek) about 1 ½ miles from Newcastle in 1832. This was a former military post situated on the road leading to Maitland and was occupied by Rev. Threlkeld when he first came to Newcastle. The cottage became known for a while as Weller's cottage and later became the site of Dangar's meatworks and in 20th century, the Palais Royale.


The family developed whaling interests in New Zealand in the 1830s. Edward and Joseph junior established a whaling station at Otago.

Joseph junior died from tuberculosis in New Zealand in 1834 and his body was shipped to Sydney for burial.

Edward continued to run the successful business until 1840 when he returned to Australia due to ill health. He lived until 1893 when he was drowned in rising flood waters.


Convicts Assigned to Joseph Brooks Weller:

William Barrett - arrived on the Borodino 1828

John Baxter - arrived on the Phoenix in 1828

Thomas Daley - arrived on the Mangles in 1828

John Dorney - arrived on the Borodino in 1828

Hugh Elvin - arrived on the Mangles in 1828

James Gosling - arrived on the Phoenix in 1828

John Griffin - arrived on the Grenada in 1821

Samuel Murphy - arrived on the Mangles in 1828

Patrick Nowlan - arrived on the Borodino 1828

Notes and Links

1). In 1842 A Claim for Deed of Grant shows the ownership of part of Joseph B. Weller's grant at Hexham...... 120 acres located on an order of Gov. Darling dated 24 July 1829 in favour of Joseph Brooks Weller (deceased) who conveyed to George Weller and he to Edward Weller and he to John Brown. Brown transferred to Louisa Stephens and she to John Black and he to claimant (John Whitehill Stephens) - Government Gazette 25 November 1842