Free Settler or Felon
Convict and Colonial History

James Billing R. N.,

Convict Ship Surgeon-Superintendent

Date of Seniority Royal Navy *2 November 1796

James Billing was born at Rutling in 1773, son of John Billing and Catherine Turner. He was included in the Navy List of 1814.

Surgeon Superintendent

He was employed as Surgeon-Superintendent on the convict ship Batavia in 1818. The Batavia departed Plymouth on 1st November 1817 and arrived in Port Jackson on 5th April 1818.

James Billing departed Port Jackson on the Batavia in June 1818 [1]


James Billing died on Sunday 30th October 1819 at Newington Green, Middlesex age 47 years; and on Wednesday, John Billing, his brother, Messenger to the Commissioners of Bankrupts, also died aged 45 years, leaving nine helpless children, and a widow far advanced in pregnancy to lament his loss.[2]

James and John both resided at St. Mary's Islington. They were buried on the same day - 11 November 1819

Billing v. Billing - James Billing made his Will, dated the 29th of September 1817, in the following words: 'I, Jas. Billing, Surgeon of the Ship Batavia, now bound to New South Wales, in the service of his Majesty's Government, do hereby make this my last Will and Testament. I do hereby give, devise and bequeath all the Property I die possessed of, whatever it may consist, Money, Goods, Pay, Debts, Estates and Effects, of every kind or sort, which I possess or am entitled to at my decease, unto John Billing, of Quality-court, Chancery-lane, and Allen Billing, of 86, Strand, London, in Trust that they, the said John Billing and Allen Billing, do invest and place the whole Proceeds and Amount, in such Securities, at Interest, for the use and benefit of my Nephew, Jas. Edw. Billing.

James Billing died on the 30th of October 1819 leaving his Father his sole Next of Kin. John Billing died in November 1819. The Testator's Father died in December 1823. The Defendant Allen Billing took out Administration to him, and also to the Testator, with the Will annexed. James Edw. Billing died on the 15th of July 1830, at the age of 19, and Intestate. The Plaintiff was his Administrator. - Reports of cases decided in the High Court of Chancery: Volume 11


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