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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Hunter Valley



Pacific Street Newcastle - Overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In 1833 the A.A. Co was grantd town allotment No. 23 in Pacific street. [3] Early inhabitant Alexander Phelps

Padulla - Singleton district - Aboriginal meaning - a stone [46]

Pagan's Creek - Co. Durham, a branch of the Barwon River flowing into that river at the confluence of Thalaba Creek 5 miles N. of Walgett. [37]

Pagan Plains - Run belonging to E. and G and R Rouse - Liverpool Plains

Pages Creek - a western tributary of the head of the Hunter River

Pages River - Rises on the Liverpool range and empties into the Hunter river at Segenhoe. Early name for Murrurundi. Called Macqueens river by Sir T. Mitchell

Palmers - Toronto district - named after an old hotel(demolished) run by William Palmer [46]

Paradise Creek - Henry Dangar's lease on the McIntyre River- Co. Brisbane

Pallaranga - Macintyre River - Grazing run of John Lethbridge

Pandoras Pass - District of Liverpool Plains. Discovered by Allan Cunningham in 1825

Pangela - A kangaroo (aboriginal meaning) [46]. Town 4km from Murrurundi

Pantaloon Bay - early name for Myuna Bay near Eraring

Papran Creek - Co. Northumberland - a small tributary of the estuary of the Mangrove Creek. [37]

Parading Ground - Co. Gloucester - a settlement on the seacoast 12 miles NE of Raymond Terrace. [37]

Parkville - Scone district - originally known as Park but as it was constantly confused with Parkes, it was changed to Parkville [46]

Parnell Place, Newcastle - In old records of the S.A.M. Co. Parnell place was called Farnell. As James Squire Farnell was then Minister for lands [3]

Parry Street, Cook's Hill - Named for A.A. Company Commissioner and Arctic Explorer Sir William Edward Parry. [3]

Parry - a river and a mountain in the district of Liverpool Plains

Parson's Creek - south of Rev. R. Hill's estate. Western tributary of the Wollombi Brook. [37]

Parson's Hill. A hill on the road from West Maitland to Wollombi 3 miles W of West Maitland

Parson's Road - Track through the Wollombi from Hawkesbury marked by John Blaxland and used by Rev. Middleton on his way to Newcastle in 1821

Pass, The - Co. Northumberland - a gap in the Sugar loaf Range of hills in the parish of Mulbring on the road from Maitland to Sydny via Lake Macquarie.[37]

Paterson - Named after Lieut-Colonel William Paterson, of the N.S.W. Corps. Situated in parish of Houghton on the river Paterson

Paterson Mount - Co. Durham - a high peak of the Mount Royal Range at the head of the Paterson River. [37]

Paterson River - Named after Lieut-Colonel William Paterson. Flows into the Hunter River at Hinton. Formerly known as Cedar Arm. Aboriginal name Yimmang.

Patterson's Plains - Co. Durham on the Paterson River. Early name for Woodville

Patonga - Gosford district. Aboriginal meaning a small wallaby [46]

Patrick Plains (Singleton) - So called because the first explorers of the district, John Howe and Benjamin Singleton, camped there on 17 March 1820 (St. Patrick's Day) Originally named Saint Patrick's Plains [46]

Patrick St. Newcastle - Named after the Patrick family who lived in that street.

Pattimore / Poltimore- Estate belonging to John Cory. See Dangar's map

Paxton - Cessnock district. Named after Mr. Paxton Chairman of Directors of the original coalmining company there. Cessnock district [46]

Payne's Crossing - named after Edward Payne a pioneer of the district. Singleton district

Pearl Beach - Wangi (Pearly) - named after landowner David Israel's daughter Pearl. In front of Beach Road

Pebbly Beach - Wangi. South side bay off Chisholm Rd/ Dobell Drive

Pelaw Main - after a coal mining village near Newcastle on Tyne

Pelerin - Edinburgh Ave, Singleton. A grant to John Howe later acquired by Charles Dight

Pelican Flat - earlier name for Swansea

Pelton Cessnock district. Names after a colliery town near Newcastle-on-Tyne, England [46]

Pembroke Park - 1 mile from Hinton

Penshurst - Upper Paterson. A grant to John Phillips Webber

Perkins Street Newcastle - named after Jacob Perkin, engineer

Petherton Cottage - East Maitland

Petwyn Valley - In the Co. of Brisbane at Kingdon ponds 10 miles from Murrurundi. Estate of Henry Dangar

Petwynn Valley Creek. A tributary of the Kingdon Ponds. Rises in Mount Tinagroo and flows into the main stream at the village of Wingen

Petwyn Vale - Estate of Dr. Street, near Scone

Phillips Creek - Liverpool Plains

Phoenix Park - an estate in Co. Durham formed by the Paterson and Hunter Rivers. A portion of this peninsula was in 1848 laid out into a village called Trafalgar. Called by the aborigines Narragan, now known as Narrowgut [46]

Piallamore or Swamp Station - run taken up by R.L. Jenkins at Liverpool Plains

Pialawa - in the district of Liverpool plains 15 miles from Tamworth. McDougall's squattage

Pialaway - a creek in district of Liverpool Plains; on this stream is the station of George Curtis. 15 miles from Tamworth

Pickering - Named by Captain John Pike, the original owner after a place in Yorkshire, England. Situated in co. of Brisbane on the Hunter River near Merton. (Kamilaroi aboriginal name Burburra Burburra)

Piedmont - in the district of Liverpool Plains on Cobbity creek 60 miles from Tamworth. Station of D. Capel

Pier Head - Co. Northumberland - a rocky promontory to the N. of Cabbage Tree Head and about 12 miles N. of the entrance to the Tuggerah Lake. [37]

Piercefield - Estate belonging to the Bettington family. Situated Co. of Durham on the east bank of the Hunter River near Merton. Kamilaroi aboriginal name Coogoowil

Pieries Peak. Also Piri. Mount Royal Ranges. Upper Hunter

Piggery (The) - The suburb of Highfields was once known as 'The Piggery', probably because butcher John Isaac Cotterill kept his piggery at that location

Pig Holes - near Muswellbrook. Henry Nowland bailed up by bushrangers there

Pig Island - Small island in the estuary of the Hunter River, now part of Kooragang

Pigna Barney - Gloucester district. Aboriginal meaning - a platypus; a corruption of pipenpingey [46]

Pikedale - The station of John Pike in the district of Darling Downs

Pike's Gap (near Denman) - After Captain John Pike, the original owner of Pickering [46]

Pilcher's Mountain (Wallarobba) - named after Henry Incledon Pilcher, early solicitor at Maitland. In the Mount Royal Ranges 6 miles W of Dungog

Piliga - run on the Liverpool Plains belonging to Patch and Glennie

Pillapay Kullaitaran - Aboriginal meaning for Valley of the Palms. - Glenrock Lagoon

Pillar - a village in the co. of Gloucester on the Myall lakes

Pinchgut - (native name Mattewae); an island situated in Port Jackson; it was named Rock island by Governor Phillip

Pindimar - The home of the black opossum. (aboriginal meaning). Early name Duck Hole. Port Stephens

Pinnie Beach - Shark Hole - Located between Catherine Hill Bay and Caves Beach[42]

Pipe Clay Creek - Port Stephens

Pipitea Pah - Private Hospital in Zara St. Newcastle overlooking Newcastle Beach (see postcard National Trust NSW)

Pippita Rd - Wangi. (Aborignal meaning - hawk). from Israel's subdivision map c. 1923

Pirate's Point - early name for Stockton. - see Barrallier's 1801 map [31]

Piriwal Cave - Cave on the southern side of Pulbah Island, Lake Macquarie

Pitlochry - Dungog district - named after the seaside suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland

Pitnacree - Named by Rev. William McIntyre after his old home on River Tay, Scotland

Pitnacree Bridge - First bridge across the Hunter River.

Pitoba - a place of pipe clay - Threlkeld [21]

Pit Row, Newcastle - Cook's Hill

Pittown - Later known as The Borehole and then renamed Hamilton

Pit Town Wallsend - originated when Newcastle Wallsend Coal Co. established two rows of houses near its mine

Plashett - Estate of the Robertson family at Jerry's Plains

Plattsburg - Wallsend began as two mining towns, Wallsend and Plattsburg. Derived its name from the fact of the first sub division being a portion of the land known as Platt's Estate. Used to be known as The Co-Operative

Platts Channel - The channel between land owned by John Laurio Platt and Spit Island

Pockataroo - situated in the district of Liverpool plains at the junction of the Gwydir and Karaula rivers. Run of James Reid. Run of Standish Callaghan

Pokataroo (aboriginal Bukkitaro meaning river going, wide)

Podgewoy (Budgewoi) - A narrow strip of land separating Tuggerah lakes

Poggy - Cassilis district. Aboriginal meaning - wild jassamine [46]

Poggy Forest - Co. Brisbane near Krui River

Point Bass, Newcatle- Named after Surgeon George Bass discoverer of Bass Strait

Point Flinders, Newcastle - Named after Lieut. Matthew Flinders

Point Kent, Newcastle - named by Lieutenant Shortland in 1797 after Lieut. Kent commander of H.M.S. Supply. Now known as Stockton

Point Morisset - Cams Wharf

Point Wolstonecroft - also known as Little Wangi; also known as Chainbibber. On Henry Dangar's 1828 map marked as Ngoroinbah

Pokolbin - a parish in County of Northumberland bounded on the N. by the parishes of Ovingham, Rothbury and Allandale; and S by Ellalong. Singleton district. Drayton family 1850s.

Polbue Creek - Barrington Tops

Pomby Creek - West Tributary of Paterson River, flowing into it 12 miles north of Hinton

Pommy Town - Mayfield East. English workers' homes. 1921

Pondee Point - Toronto

Poole Farm - Farm belonging to Montague Parnell 1/4 mile from Maitland

Popran - a creek situated in Co. of Northumberland; branch of Mangrove creek

Porcher St. Newcastle - named after Henry Porcher, one of the first directors of the A.A. Company [3]

Porcher's River - flows in to Carrington River (see Dangar's map)

Porphyry Point - vineyard north of Seaham established by Rev. Henry Carmichael

Portree - Raymond Teerrace district - Named by J. D. Maclean after Portree in Isle of Skye, Scotland [46]

Port Stephens - Named by Captain James Cook on May 11, 1770 after Philip Stephens, Secretary to the Admiralty. Situated in Co. of Gloucester. Entrance points named Yacaba and Tomaree. Early Days in Port Stephens.

PothanaBranxton district - Aboriginal meaning - smoke [46]

Premer - Run at Liverpool Plains taken up by Nelson Simmons Lawson

Presqueville - near Maitland. Estate of Wakefield Simpson

Princes Bay - Toronto - Bay which runs along Brighton Av. In 1920 the Prince of Wales stayed at Craig Royston on the waterfront here

Prospect Cottage - near Maitland

Prospect Hill - early name for suburb of Newcastle known as The Hill

Pudgewoy Hill - Co. Northumberland - a hill lying to the NW of Tuggerah Beach Lake in the parish of Wallarah. [37]

Puenbuen - small stones (aboriginal meaning).[24] Estate belonging to John Bingle west of Aberdeen

Puenbuen - a mountain situated in Co. of Brisbane on the left bank of Dartbrook

Pulbah - Lake Macquarie. Approx 150 acres. (Bulba - Aboriginal name for an island; any place surrounded with water); also Boroyirong; also Boorayurroon. [33]

Pullaming - in the district of Liverpool plains on the Mooki 64 miles from Murrurundi. Estate of J. Brown

Pumby Creek Co. Durham a small western tributary of the Paterson River

Pumpkin Creek - Dungog/Gloucester district - said to be called so after a teamster upset a load of pumpkins on his way to Cobark diggings and the pumpkins rolled down a steep hill

Pumpkin Point - a bend in the Karuah River

Pump Station Creek - Liverpool Plains

Puna Rd - Wangi. (Aboriginal meaning sea sand) - from Israel's subdivision map c. 1923

Punby Brook - also Pumby Brook. Flows in to the Paterson river near Tocal. -see Dangar's map[29]

Puntei - a narrow place; the name of any narrow point of land - aboriginal meaning - Threlkeld [21]; also Derahbambah - land on which Ebenezer was built - Toronto Lake Macquarie

Puntelva - Hill at the Myall River (Teggs: 1842)

Puntolba also Bendolba, Dungog district. (see Trove)

Purandarra Brook - Flows in to the Hunter R. County of Belford. - Dangar's Map [29]

Purranville - creek situated in district of Liverpool plains; branch of the Conadilly

Purribagba - Ants nest place. - Threlkeld [21]

Putty - (aboriginal meaning fish) [46]; situated in Co. of Hunter.

Putty Creek, or the Tupa, rises in north at the foot of Mt Kindarun, and runs the length of the valley before joining with the Wollemi Creek which then feeds into the Colo River.

Putty Road - alternate name for Howe's road; also formerly Bulga Road

Pyong - a creek in district of Liverpool plains; on this stream was the station of Helenus Scott

Pyrambango Mount - Co. Parry - a peak of the Peel Range lying on the S bank of the Namoi River 4 miles from Carroll.


Quambi - former school built in 1831, Stroud

Quart Pot - Dungog district. Aboriginal name Codaget

Queens Wharf - Morpeth - named after Her Majsty Queen Victoria [46]

Quorrobolong - Cessnock district. 6 miles from Millfield. [37]

Quigley Estate - Booragul; Teralba

Quinalup - Street at Gwandalan, Lake Macquarie (aboriginal meaning happy place)

Quintambone - in the district of Liverpool Plains on the Namoi river. H. Cox's station

Quirindi - Aboriginal meaning dead tree on mountain top.[46] Quirindi, postal town situated on the Quipolly and Jacob and Joseph Creeks. [37]

Quoipolly - situated in the district of Liverpool Plains on a branch of the Purranville creek. Wells Gazetteer 1848

Quorrobolong - Cessnock district

Quotabra - a township on the South bank of the Namoi River