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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains,

New South Wales
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Kahibah - Quick, active, eager (aboriginal meaning). See Dangar's map.

Kaiaraba - place of sea weeds

Kalburn Estate - Near Trevallyn on the Paterson River

Kalingo or Kaligo- near Ellalong (aboriginal meaning by the water)

Kallitoota - Aboriginal meaning Evergreen

Kaluda - 560 acres part of the original Lochinvar estate granted to Leslie Duguid purchased by J.F. Doyle. John Doyle established a vineyard which was managed by P. Terrior. By 1933 the farm was a dairy and owned by the Gurr family

Kamilaroi tribe - from headwaters of the Hunter from the Talbragar to the Nunmurra waters

Kangaroo Hills - Lease of Henry Dangar in the New England

Kangra Creek - Co. Northumberland - a small tributary of the Mangrove Creek. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kangy Angy - a mountain situated in Co. Northumberland near Wyong Creek

Kankool - A wallaroo (aboriginal meaning)

Kanwal - aboriginal meaning great, large - Central Coast

Karakunba - a place of swamp oaks

Kareen - a river situated in district of Liverpool Plains; flows into the Gwyder

Karrabee - A cockatoo (aboriginal meaning)

Karraganbal Point - Co. Northumberland. Tuggerah Beach Lakes. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Karrak - Manning River aboriginal meaning Spittle

Karuah - A native plum tree (aboriginal meaning). Parish situated in Co. Gloucester bounded on the N. by A.A. Co Estate; on the S. by Tarean; E. by the Karuah river; and W. by Horton

Kawanggawa Brook - Flows into the Hunter River (Dangar's Map)

Kayuga - A plain (aboriginal meaning). Estate of Donald McIntyre - Upper Hunter. Kamilaroi aboriginal name Talgoobewaa

Kearsley - After William Kearsley the first member of Parliament for Cessnock

Keel-keelba - a place of grass tree

Keepit - district of Liverpool Plains on the Namoi river. William Sims Bell's station

Keepit - Co. of Parry, postal village 313 miles N. of Sydney. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Keera - district of Liverpool Plains on Bundara Creek; A. McPherson's station

Keightly st. Newcastle - named after Stewart Keightly, Mayor of Newcastle

Keinbah - Place of termites

Kellabakh - Manning River aboriginal name for the Blue Gum Tree

Kelso Estate  - Near Singleton. Alexander Munro established the Bebeah Vineyard on the estate

Kelso Place - Singleton

Kelvinside - estate near Aberdeen

Kemp St. Newcastle - named after Simon Kemp, Mayor of Newcastle

Kendall Grange - Morisset Park

Kennington - Estate of William Peppercorn and then William Bowden. Near Tomago on the opposite bank to the Hexham Hotel ( 1878)

Kenrick St. Newcastle - named after Atwell Kenrick, wharf manager and coal salesman who succeeded Mr. Croasdill

Kerowahlahrn - Dangar's 1828 map - area between Lake Macquarie and Catherine Hill Bay

Keerrabee - Co. Durham. Postal village 35 miles from Muswellbrook. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Khangat Mount - Co. of Gloucester. A lofty peak lying on the S. bank of the Manning River 16 miles W of Wingham. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Khanterin - Aboriginal name for Shepherd's Hill, Newcastle

Khappingal Creek - Co. of Gloucester. A small southern tributary of the Kooraingal Creek. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kiambir - run at Liverpool Plains taken up by John Miller

Kickerbill (Gilcoobil)- station of A and J. Blaxland in district of Liverpool Plains

Kilaben Bay (Killibinbin)- Lake Macquarie. Aboriginal meaning shining, bright, glorious

Kilbrawny - Butterwick - see Dangar's Map Kilcoy Estate - Raymond Terrace; also known as Timavus; a grant to W. McLean

Killabin - Shining (aboriginal meaning)

Killarney station - The Narrabri, or Nurrabri, better known as Killarney station was first taken up by Mr. Andrew Doyle

Killawarra - Manning River aboriginal meaning for a Scrub

Killingworth - coal mining town south of West Wallsend. named after a place north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Kimbriki - Manning River aboriginal meaning for where a kind of water weed grows. Co. of Gloucester

Kimdibakh - Co. of Gloucester. 211 miles N. of Sydney. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kimmergham Estate - Michael Henderson - Raymond Terrace

Kincumber - Belonging to an old man (aboriginal meaning). Situated Co. Northumberland, Brisbane Water

Kindur (native name for Gwydir)

Kingdon Ponds - A stream situated in the Co. of Brisbane; rises on the Liverpool range and flows into Dartbrook

Kingdon Ponds - Co. Brisbane - a small agricultural village on the creek of the same name 6 miles N. of Scone. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kinghome - Also known as Torryburn. Grant to John McIntyre - Allyn River

King Junction - Singleton district

King's Creek. Flows into the Hunter River. Near James Arndell's estate (see Dixon's map)

King's Street, Newcastle - named after Governor Phillip Gidley King

King's Town - Early name for Newcastle after Philip Gidley King

Kinross - first known as Warraburreen. Grant to George Thomas Graham. Later purchased by Archibald Windeyer. Near Raymond Terrace

Kintiirrabin / Kentiirabin - aboriginal name for a small extinct volcano on the sea coast near Red Head north east of Lake Macquarie {Threlkeld}

Kirkdale - early name for Arcadia Vale after Joseph Kirk early settler

Kirkton - Estate of William Kelman. Named after Kirktown, Scotland by John Busby

Kiwarrie - Manning River aboriginal meaning - A lump on a tree, hollow at the top

Klundul - Manning River aboriginal name for where the Wild Carrot grows. Name for Cundletown.

Knockfinn Estate - (also Noch-fin; Knockfen) 8 miles from Maitland. Adjacent to the village of Lochinvar. Estate belonging to Vicars Jacob

Koikaligba - a place of brambles

Koiyog - the site of any native camp (Threlkeld)

Kolen Kolen - Mountain near Donny Brook (Dangar's Map)

Kona-konaba - Aboriginal name of the place where the stone called kona-kona is found. Name of a large mountain at the northern extremity of Lake Macquarie {Threlkeld}. Known as Murdering Gully. 

Koolbury - Aboriginal name for Emu. Koolbury is the name of a closed railway station on the Main North railway line in the Hunter Region. The station opened in 1909 and has been removed, no trace now remains

Koonawarra - Duck's high place (Aboriginal meaning)

Kooragang - Estate situated on Mosquitto island, Port Hunter. Estate of Rev. C. Pleydell N. Wilton, Chaplain of Christ Church Newcastle (1848 Well's Gazetteer). Aboriginal meaning Brolga

Kooraingel Creek - Co. of Gloucester - a small stream rising to the S. of Tinonee, flowing into the oceean at Halliday's Point. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Koore Creek - Co. of Northumberland - a small tributary of the Mangrove Creek. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kooroora Bay - Bay on the lake side of the Fennell Bay bridge

Kopurrba - name of the place from which the aborigines obtained the kopurra a yellowish earth (Threlkeld)

Korribakle Creek - Co. of Gloucester - a small creek draining Larry's Flat, and flowing into Burril Creek. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kotara - A club (aboriginal meaning {Kotirra - Threlkeld}. . Suburb of Newcastle.

Krambakh - Manning River aboriginal meaning - a kind of gum tree the bark of which is used for torches

Kuloo - Estate of the Bettington family at Merriwa

Kulubal - a creek situated in district of Liverpool Plains running through the A.A. Co's estate

Kundibakh - Manning River aboriginal name for The Apple Tree

Kundabakl Creek - Co. of Gloucester, a small tributary of Burril Creek, draining Larry's Flat. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Kurraka - Awabakal for the entrance to Glenrock Lagoon

Kurrahboolya -Meaning fork, two gullies, two streams etc., aboriginal name for the junction of the Crawford and Myall Rivers. Bulahdelah.

Kurra-kurran - the name of a place in which there is almost a forest of petrifications of wood of various sizes. It is in a bay at the north western extremity of Lake Macquarie {Threlkled}

Kurrundarra - homestead of Archibald Bell later known as Corinda. Situated across the Hunter River from Glendon (Dangar's Map)

Kurranulla Creek - Flows into Carrow Brook. Mt. Royal Ranges.

Kurri Kurri - The beginning, the very first (aboriginal meaning)

Kuttai - the site of Sydney Light house or any peninsula

Kyle - Co. of Gloucester. A postal village 261 miles N of Sydney. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893