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Notes on the Origins and Locations of Place Names

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Liverpool Plains,

New South Wales
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Illalong / Illalung - Early name for Morpeth. Named by E.C. Close after the aboriginal name meaning swampy plains

Illalong Swamp - Co. Northumberland - a swamp lying to the E of Morpeth. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Ingar - Street in Gwandalan, Lake Macquarie (Aboriginal meaning - Place of rest)

Ingar - Singleton district

Ingliston - Co. Northumberland - a township 120 N of Sydney. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Invermein - Estate of Francis Little Situated Co. Brisbane on Dartbrook Invermere - Co. Roxburgh at Holdsworthy Downs (Dangar's Map)

Iona Estate - Paterson

Irish Town - Early name for the area around Mill Brook estate

Iron Bark Creek - (aboriginal name Toohrnbing) - near Newcastle on Dangar's 1828 map. Small southern tributary of the Hunter River falling into it below Hexham.Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893

Iron Bark Creek - Name given by Lieut. John Laurio Platt to his estate

Iron Bark Farm - near Newcastle

Ironbark Creek - Run belonging to Messrs Spencer at Liverpool Plains

Iron Stone Knob - Yarramalong.  In 1913 Robert Woolley could point out a stringy bark tree on or near a hillock locally known as the Iron stone Knob, with Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchells inscription still thereon.

Irrawang - Estate of James King. Aboriginal meaning where the water runs

Irrawang Cottage - Raymond Terrace. School in 1855

Isis River - Co. Brisbane - Stream rising in the Liverpool Range near Downey's Pass and flowing into the Page River near Gundy Gundy. Geographical Encyclopaedia of NSW 1893